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House with pool in Cyprus

House with pool in Cyprus

As a rule, the majority of holidaymakers in Cyprus and those who plan to move here for permanent residence choose the island due to its picturesque coast and warm sea. And housing in areas close to the coast, one of the most expensive and sought after. But there is a good way to save money, but to have a place for swimming is available – buy real estate with a pool, which many foreign investors choose.

In Cyprus, a residential complex, town house or villa with a swimming pool is not necessarily an elite and expensive housing. Yes, in Russia such apartments and mansions are owned only by wealthy people and cost fabulous money. In Cyprus, swimming pools are not a luxury – many middle-class residential complexes have such a relaxation area. Therefore, if you have a dream about an apartment or a cottage with its own swimming pool – on the island it is very easy to realize!

Why its better to buy property with pool in Cyprus?

From a commercial point of view, this is a very good investment for the tourism business, because such a property is much cheaper than housing by the sea, but will provide the desired resort conditions for vacationers, which means it will always be in demand for rent.

And for the owners of housing with a pool, living there permanently, the advantages are as follows:

At your disposal is a clean pool, the water of which is regularly put in order. Homeowners associations are engaged in these issues in residential complexes, and such a service will require expenses. On average, this is € 50-100 per month (this also includes expenses for other work on housing maintenance: cleaning the territory, repair of recreation areas, etc.). For owners of private houses, maintenance of the local area and pool costs € 100-200 per month;

You can have access to water at any time, and you will not be disturbed by crowds of tourists during the “peak” hours. The presence of a swimming pool is a great opportunity to combine the delights of a beach holiday and a secluded pastime;

the pools are equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of residents: different levels of depth are provided, there is a convenient descent into the water and areas for relaxation and sunbathing. Also, some residential complexes provide sunbeds and umbrellas;

if there are children in your family, then you can not worry about their safety while playing in the pool. As for the sea, despite the convenience of the Cypriot beaches, it is still a disaster, and there you need to more closely monitor the kids;

it is very convenient that the water is very close to your home. No need to take heavy beach bags, get to the sea, etc. You can take a break at any time and go for a snack right to your home, and not to an expensive coastal cafe. And for those involved in sports, morning swimming will be available a stone’s throw from the apartment.

Many will say that no comfortable pool can compare with the beauty of the sea coast. But, as a rule, the sea is impressive only for the first time, and for those who live in Cyprus for a long time, it becomes commonplace and does not cause violent emotions anymore. And some even begin to annoy the crowds of tourists during the beach season. For this reason, many for permanent residence choose houses and residential complexes with their own pool, and not on the seashore.

Advantageous acquisition of real estate with a swimming pool

If you liked this type of property, we are pleased to offer various housing options: villas, apartments in residential complexes, town houses with a pool. The catalog presents both luxury objects and the middle class at a bargain price. We have the largest real estate base in Cyprus, and we have collected many options for affordable housing with a pool. Choose the object you like, send us an application, and our specialist will send you a selection of suitable real estate in response and will contact you to discuss questions on its acquisition.

If you are planning to buy a villa or apartment with a swimming pool and rent housing located outside of Cyprus, we can offer you the management of your property and its maintenance. Our agency cooperates with contractors in Cyprus, who will take care of all issues related to tenants, as well as provide care for the building, the surrounding area and the pool.


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