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Safety in Cyprus

Safety in Cyprus

Cyprus compares favorably with many countries of continental Europe for its high level of security. There is low crime, and there are all conditions for a serene life and in order to calmly raise children. According to 2015 studies, this country was recognized as the best in terms of security among small states with a population of less than 5 million. For this reason, many foreign investors planning to buy property abroad or wanting to immigrate choose Cyprus.

Police actively work on the island, but their help is extremely rare. In many areas, locals do not close the doors of their homes and leave their cars open. All neighbors know each other, and therefore trust.

Tourist Safety in Cyprus

Since the tourism business is the main direction of the country’s economy, the government cares about the safety of vacationing foreigners. It is possible to maintain order thanks to two measures: the careful work of the immigration service, which strictly ensures that foreigners do not enter the country illegally, as well as the well-functioning activities of the police and special services, which instantly respond to any threats of terrorist acts and keep the world densely populated during the beach season Cyprus.

To increase the reliability level of all security systems in Cyprus in 2018, they were completely updated and modernized. At border checkpoints and checkpoints, foreigners have installed the latest scanning equipment and technology that allows for more thorough inspection. The government invests heavily in maintaining the necessary level of order, since the influx of foreign citizens annually amounts to several tens of thousands of people.

The level of security in the cities of Cyprus

The crime rate in the country is extremely low. This is largely due to the fact that there are no disadvantaged areas in the country where foci of criminal gangs are formed. Here you will not find places where it would be scary to let the child go for a walk on the street or walk one night.

Particular calm and serenity prevail in Paphos. This city is the personification of order and a quiet measured life. It is ideal for families with children and people who want to relax away from the hustle and bustle. This distinguishes Paphos from other cities in Cyprus, which are more active, but no less safe. For example, Limassol and Nicosia are a concentration of business and tourist life of the country, drive cities filled with tourists. Larnaca is the industrial center of the island, so there are fewer travelers here.

There are no criminal showdowns and riots in Cypriot cities. You are unlikely to hear that somewhere in Cyprus someone was killed or robbed. Of course, it is not without violations, but for the most part they are made by visiting thieves. Cypriots, on the other hand, value social connections and their position in society so much that they will not go so far as to begin to steal from their fellow countrymen or foreigners, who are their main source of income during the tourist season.

The level of road safety is also high. The fines in Cyprus are rather big, and the police strictly monitor the implementation of all traffic rules. Therefore, perfect order reigns on the roads. The highest speed within the city is 50 km / h, on a suburban highway – 80 km / h, on the highway – no more than 100 km / h. With a serious violation of the speed limit, they can even take the matter to court, so the drivers in Cyprus follow all the rules, very neat and attentive.

Security of ownership in Cyprus

The purchase of real estate on the island can be carried out by both individuals and legal entities. A legally purchased object is transferred in full ownership to the owner, which confirms the issued title (certificate of ownership). This document guarantees that no one, except the owner of the real estate, can dispose of it or infringe on his rights as the owner: to mortgage, sell or lease the property without his knowledge.

One of the first steps in the process of buying a property is to audit the property. Lawyers carefully check the seller’s ownership rights and determine whether this property is collateral and is not involved in any other transaction. They also study whether there are any other obstacles to buying a home or circumstances by which it will be possible in the future to encroach on the property rights of the new owner. Thanks to a thorough legal audit and a rigorous procedure for the purchase and sale of housing and its registration in Cyprus, there are no “black realtors” and doubtful transactions. Everything is transparent, reliable and secure.

Health Safety in Cyprus

In Cyprus, they carefully monitor the cleanliness and compliance with environmental standards. Since it is a tourist country, where a huge number of vacationers flock annually, modern wastewater treatment plants are provided here to maintain the required water quality, and effective methods are used to maintain the cleanliness of the coastline. 63 beaches of Cyprus were awarded the Blue Flag Award, which confirms their compliance with environmental standards.

Large industrial enterprises do not work in Cyprus, so the air is not clogged, it is easy to breathe here, especially in spring and autumn, when there is no strong heat and stuffiness. For cars on the island, high-quality fuel is used, which also helps to protect the atmosphere from pollution. Thanks to the excellent climatic conditions and fertile lands in Cyprus, organic vegetables and fruits grow. The shops have strict quality and freshness controls, so all products are safe for health.

Green technologies are actively used in construction, and solar panels have long been used as an additional source of electricity in Cypriot houses.

Thanks to all these factors, there are a lot of centenarians among Cypriots. On average, life expectancy is 80 or more years. And even at an advanced age, Cypriots are very active: pensioners play sports, drive a car, take part in cultural events.

Low crime rates, reliable and safe real estate purchase and sale transactions with legal protection of the rights of a foreign buyer, as well as excellent ecology and mild climate are the reasons why you should move to live in Cyprus forever or stay here for a long time.


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