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Buy bungalow in Cyprus

Buy bungalow in Cyprus

A bungalow in Cyprus is a suitable accommodation option for those who value privacy and comfort. Such a house is ideal for permanent residence or just for a vacation. In addition, the property will become a profitable investment for subsequent sale or lease.
Cyprus is one of the most demanded tourist countries in Europe. The republic is famous for its clean beaches and warm sea, comfortable climate, delicious Mediterranean food and aromatic wines. On the island, you will never have a problem finding a tenant for housing or selling an object at a profit, because there is a constantly high demand for real estate.
Estate of Cyprus agency offers a profitable purchase of a bungalow in Cyprus. We have a large selection of objects for every taste in a wide price range. We will help you choose the best real estate option and provide full transaction support.

Bungalow in Cyprus: features

If you dreamed of having a cozy house on the Mediterranean coast with maximum comfort, without neighbors and noise around, then a bungalow is an ideal option. For many, such housing is associated with the countryside, and in the presentation there is a hut made of wood and reeds. Indeed, bungalows used to be made from this. Today it is a comfortable and stylish dwelling made of modern building materials, which is not inferior in terms of convenience to a city apartment.
A characteristic feature of this type of houses is that they have only 1 floor. This floor contains bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, and bathrooms. All rooms are located around the main central space – the living room, which can simultaneously function as a hallway.There is almost no vertical zoning in the interior.
Rooms in bungalows in Cyprus are quite compact, but bright with large windows, which visually increases the space. Often in buildings, panoramic glazing to make the most of natural lighting.
The finishing materials are mostly natural and light shades (again, to visually expand the space). The building can be stylized and made in the form of a hut or modern – built according to all the canons of city buildings. Thanks to the simplicity and restraint of the design in such a one-story house, an atmosphere of comfort and tranquility reigns, which is ideal for relaxation.
As a rule, next to the bungalow there is a small adjoining plot with a garden, a swimming pool and a parking lot. Also, the house may have a terrace, barbecue area, open kitchen.

Reasons to buy a bungalow in Cyprus

  • it is an ideal housing option for one family, where everything is thought out to the smallest detail for a comfortable temporary or permanent stay;
  • a one-storey building without stairs – a suitable home for a family with children or the elderly;
  • stylish and simple design, nothing superfluous, ergonomic space zoning;
  • high-quality building materials that are relieved of the additional burden of the second floor;
  • own adjoining plot where you can place a playground, barbecue area, swimming pool;
  • favorable cost compared to a mansion with several floors;
  • when buying an object in the amount of € 300,000 or more, you get the opportunity to apply for permanent residence;
    you will be able to rent out bungalows to tenants, making a profit of 4-8% per annum;
  • housing is liquid and every year it becomes more expensive in price, therefore it will become a profitable investment for subsequent sale.

We will help you find a bungalow in Cyprus that suits you in style and layout. So that you can understand if this type of housing is right for you, we will organize a preview of the property.

Bungalow in Cyprus: prices

The cost of a bungalow in Cyprus depends on several factors:
– location;
– remoteness of the house from the sea and beaches;
– developed infrastructure, proximity to major tourist destinations;
– the size of the local area;
– availability of parking, garden, swimming pool;
– the quality of the materials from which the building is made;
– year of construction;
– furnishings with furniture and appliances.

Estate of Cyprus offers its clients bungalows for sale in Paphos, Limassol, Larnaca, Nicosia, Protaras, Ayia Napa.Each of the cities has its own characteristic features and nuances that must be taken into account when choosing a home.

Bungalow in Ayia Napa and Protaras

Ayia Napa and Protaras are some of the main tourist centers of the island and ideal places for young people and holidays with children. These resort towns are famous for their hot climate and an abundance of beaches. It is profitable to buy housing for rent or vacation. Local restaurants, stunning nature, all conditions for recreation attract people from all over Europe. Inexpensive bungalows in Cyprus can be purchased in these cities. Cozy one-storey houses here will cost from 130,000-150,000 €.

Bungalow in Paphos

Paphos is located in the west of the island. It is famous for its temperate climate, milder weather in winter and not so hot in summer. The Paphos area has always attracted people from the UK. Most of them changed London to sunny and positive Paphos. Bungalows here are more expensive than in Ayia Napa or Protaras – from 250,000-300,000 €.

Bungalow in Limassol

Limassol is located in the central part of the coast of the island. It is a tourist, business and the most expensive city in the country. It is profitable to invest in housing here, because you can always resell it at a good price. Residence “Limassol Marina” is known for an abundance of luxurious houses, luxury yachts and developed infrastructure. Bungalow prices here start at € 2,000,000. But in other districts of Limassol you can buy a one-storey house for 400,000-500,000 €, and in the vicinity of the city you can find options for 90,000 €.

Wherever you are planning to buy a property, Estate of Cyprus will provide you with professional assistance. Selling houses in Cyprus is one of the main activities of the agency. Our catalog contains a large number of objects from trusted developers in various cities of the island.

We will help you find inexpensive housing in Cyprus, provide full legal support for the transaction and resolve all issues with the purchase. With us, you will become the owner of real estate on the island quickly, safely and without unnecessary hassle.


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