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Buy semi-detached Villa in Cyprus

Buy semi-detached Villa in Cyprus

A semi-detached villa in Cyprus is a good option for those who want to buy a home in a paradise at a bargain price. This type of real estate is more affordable than conventional villas, and will give you all the delights of life in a mansion.

Semi-detached villa in Cyprus: features

Adjacent mansions are of two types:

  • A detached mansion in a complex of villas with a common landscaped local area. In this case, the adjacent villa is distinguished from the usual one by the common adjoining territory, which is designed for several houses.
  • A separate part of a common villa with its own entrance to the common adjoining territory. In this case, you will be sharing the mansion with other owners.

Each house is equipped with all communications necessary for a comfortable life. The territory may have a communal pool, playground, parking, recreation areas. Also, the listed zones may be separate for each mansion. In a semi-detached villa in Cyprus you can enjoy the tranquility and dimension of country life at an affordable price.

The advantages of buying a villa in Cyprus:

  • the opportunity to apply for a residence permit when purchasing objects in the amount of 300,000 €
  • favorable climate, picturesque landscapes, warm Mediterranean Sea;
  • attractions, cultural centers;
  • well-developed infrastructure, all the amenities for permanent residence or rest during the holidays;
  • availability of education, banking, medical and legal services for foreigners;
  • liquidity of housing, the ability to make a good profit when selling real estate in the future;
  • the opportunity to rent out an object with a profit of 4-8% per annum due to the constant flow of tourists.

In addition, the island has a stable economic situation and a low crime rate. Cypriots are friendly to foreigners and will make good neighbors.

Semi-detached villas in Cyprus: prices

Buying an adjacent villa in Cyprus is a profitable option for property buyers. Prices for objects in fairly good areas start from 200,000 € – this is practically the cost of apartments and apartments.
The following factors affect the price of real estate:
structural features of housing;
year of construction;
location of the facility, proximity to the sea and cities;
the level of improvement of the local area;
the size of the mansion and the arrangement of appliances and furniture;
the presence of a security post, if it is a closed residence.
The most expensive housing is in Limassol. This is the tourist and business center of the country. A place where crowds of tourists flock, where life “boils”. It is profitable to buy real estate here, because from year to year it will only rise in price.
In Paphos, the cost of mansions is lower. It is profitable to buy housing here for subsequent renting out.The picturesque coast of Paphos and its beautiful nature beckons tourists, so you will be provided with a constant stream of tenants.
In Larnaca, you can buy housing even cheaper – on average, 20% lower than in Limassol. This place is ideal for buying real estate for your own permanent residence. A quiet city where tourists only come during the swimming season.
We will help you buy a cheap villa in Cyprus in any city in the country. Our catalog contains a large selection of offers in a wide price range.

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