Semi-detached Villas

Buying an adjacent villa in Cyprus is an affordable option for many real estate buyers. Villa in Cyprus, the price of which varies from 200 000 euros, a good alternative to apartments or apartments.

Semi-detached villas in Cyprus. Features

The adjoining villas come in two types:

  • detached villa in a common landscaped house area. Separate building in a complex of villas.
  • a separate part of the common villa with its own entrance to the common house area.

What does price for villas consist of?

How much does this or that villa in Cyprus cost? The price of a villa is influenced by many factors:

  • structural features of housing
  • year of construction
  • location of the villa, proximity to the sea and cities
  • level of improvement of the local area
  • the size of the villa and its furnishing
  • the presence of a security post, when it comes to gated residences with villas

With a thorough search, you can still buy a villa in Cyprus inexpensively; you can see the availability of villas for sale in Cyprus in our catalog.

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