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Buy a building project in Cyprus

Buy a building project in Cyprus

A building project in Cyprus is an opportunity to make all the dreams of your own home come true and purchase it at a bargain price.

Investing in real estate in Cyprus, in particular, buying a building project, is in steady demand among foreign citizens. A country located by the sea, with a warm climate and rich history – an emerging investment market, protected by EU legislation.

Estate of Cyprus agency offers a complex solution – the purchase of a land plot and a project of a residential or commercial facility. We have both ready-made options and prefabricated proposals: you choose the land and any house project from our catalog.

Building a house in Cyprus: features

Buying a building project in Cyprus is a suitable solution for people who want to realize their ideas for an ideal home, but prefer not to delve into all the moments of building and buying land. This is an opportunity through one contractor to resolve all issues: from searching for a site and obtaining construction permits, ending with finishing the premises. That is, you invest money and after a while you get a house completely ready for living with a landscaped area.

On average, it takes from 8 months to 1 year to build a 200-300 m² cottage. Large buildings may take 2 years. It all depends on the size and complexity of the project. Also, here you need to add the time required to obtain a building permit from the municipality. Depending on the area, this can take 2 to 6 months.

Construction includes the following stages:

– development of a project or use of a ready-made one;
– preparation of estimates and contracts;
– obtaining permission from the municipality for construction;
– construction works;
– improvement of the site;
– submission of documents for obtaining the Title.

At the initial stage, you conclude a contract, which is accompanied by an approved project of the house, an estimate, and a construction schedule. Payment is made in stages, and usually most of it goes into advance payment – the land is bought out with this money. The balance is being paid off gradually.

Reasons to buy a building project in Cyprus:

  • Comprehensive solution. One contractor will carry out all the work and control its quality. You will not need to search for land, architects, builders, electricians and plumbers on your own. With turnkey services, you will save time and hassle.
  • Saving. A house in Cyprus, built from scratch, costs 30% less than a finished villa due to the absence of intermediaries. In addition, a turnkey solution is always more profitable, because developers have wholesale discounts on materials, their connections among workers.
  • High quality. Licensed companies are engaged in construction. The house will comply with all building codes.
    Exclusivity. In the project, you can embody all your ideas. No one else will have such a home! It will reflect your personality and all your preferences. For example, you can make spacious bedrooms (in standard Cypriot houses they are usually quite cramped), choose building materials, layout. The same applies to the local area and its improvement.
  • Warranties and no risk. The developer will give you a guarantee of high quality work and materials, as well as compliance with construction deadlines. These obligations will be reflected in the formal agreement. There is no risk of losing money because payment is made gradually as construction progresses.

In addition, you will receive a turnkey home in Cyprus within a reasonable time frame. Developers have a well-functioning system of paperwork, procurement of materials and hiring work teams. We have our own transport and all the necessary equipment to carry out the work.How much does a construction project in Cyprus cost

Prices for a building project in Cyprus depend on the following factors:

  • location and area of ​​the land plot;
  • soil quality, availability of groundwater;
  • complexity of the project: design features, number of storeys of the building;
  • quality of materials used in construction;
  • terms of construction work.

On average in Cyprus, the cost of building a standard cottage with 2 floors is around 1,500 € / m². When using budget materials and simple planning, the cost can be 1200 € / m². These are prices without taxes. The VAT is 19%, but if this is your first home on the island, then the tax will be only 5%.

We will help you buy a building project in Cyprus

Estate of Cyprus will help you find a profitable development project in Cyprus. We work with trusted developers who will carry out turnkey construction work with high quality and strictly on time. Our catalog contains a large selection of land plots for residential construction in various cities of the island.

Contact our consultants by phone or chat on the website – they will select a suitable construction project.


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