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Buy a house in Cyprus

Buy a house in Cyprus

A house in Cyprus is a suitable solution for a family that is planning to move to the island permanently or planning to spend a vacation there. Also, such real estate will become a profitable and reliable investment – the object can be rented out or resold.

Cyprus with its luxurious beaches, warm sea, long tourist season is a popular holiday destination. There is a loyal taxation system, affordable medical and banking services, a well-developed infrastructure, which makes it attractive for permanent residence. Buy a house in Cyprus for those who are interested in obtaining permanent residence on the island and Cypriot citizenship.

Objects for sale are presented in a wide price range. You can buy a modest cottage with all the amenities or an elite mansion and emphasize your status. We will help you find the right option for any budget. Our catalog contains objects in all cities of the country: from Nicosia to Limassol.

Reasons to buy a house in Cyprus

Houses in Cyprus are of high quality, made of reliable materials. There are many new properties for sale, as well as buildings with a long history that require renovation. Such buildings will require renovation costs, but they will be a good investment for resale, and the profit made will pay off the costs.

There are liquid cottages in Cyprus – in a few years the cost of the property will be higher. This is especially true for central and tourist areas such as Limassol, Nicosia. And if you buy a house in Cyprus by the sea, it will be possible to rent it profitably and receive an income of 4-8% per annum.For such purposes, objects in Paphos or Ayia Napa are ideal.

In addition, when buying a house in Cyprus for an amount of € 300,000 or more, you get the opportunity to apply for a Category F visa, with which you can live on the island indefinitely. And after 7 years of stay in the country, you can apply for local citizenship.

Other reasons why you should buy a house by the sea in Cyprus

  • An atmosphere of privacy and tranquility. In the private sector, there is no such frantic rhythm and bustle that reign in urban centers. Here life is measured, there is no noise of numerous cars.
  • Clean air, close to nature. Houses in Cyprus are located in picturesque locations. There are trees and whole gardens on the private plots.
  • Big square. The dimensions, for example, of an apartment are rarely more than 200 m², and a house can be 200-500 m² in size. Ideal for a large family.
  • House territory owned. You can do whatever you want on the site: set up a garden, put up a playground, equip a barbecue area, an open kitchen and a refectory, etc. Or you can do nothing and leave a laconic lawn with parking – you have the choice!
  • No neighbors. Rather, there are neighbors, but they are not behind the wall, but in another building. Therefore, you will be spared the problems faced by residents of high-rise buildings with thin walls and poor sound insulation.

The ability to expand. You can add an additional room to the house, make a terrace, an open dining area, an aviary for pets, etc. You can also redesign the attic into the attic if the architectural features of the building suggest it.It is also worth noting that the Cypriots will make great neighbors. Thanks to the hospitality of these people, you will feel comfortable in Cyprus.

In which area its better to buy a house in Cyprus

The most suitable areas to buy a house in Cyprus by the sea are Limassol and Paphos. The bulk of the housing for sale is concentrated here. These are the tourist centers of the country, where there is a large flow of tourists, an active business sector, and a well-developed infrastructure. Also in terms of development and prestige, the city of Nicosia, the capital of the country, is interesting.

In Limassol, it is worth considering objects in the following areas: Mutayaka, Potamos Germasogeia, Agios Tychonas. The most elite area is Columbia in Potamos Germasogeia. Here it is a stone’s throw to the sea, nearby are the central streets, all the necessary infrastructure.

Prestigious areas of Paphos: Sea Caves, Coral Bay, Tsada and Tala villages. From here, within walking distance is the sea coast. Close to Akamas Nature Reserve and Coral Bay.

There are also many good facilities in Larnaca. Here you can buy cheap houses in Cyprus – the cost of real estate is 20-40% cheaper than in Limassol. That is, for the cost of Limassol apartments in Larnaca, you can buy a good house.

Districts where housing is most often bought: Livadia and the Pila tourist area.

You can also buy a house in Cyprus inexpensively in Troodos and Protaras.

Buy a house in Cyprus: price

Houses in Cyprus cost from € 200,000 to several million. The cost depends on the following factors:

  • Location. The closer an object is to the coastline, to the city center and its tourist spots, the higher its cost.
  • Property type: primary or secondary. Secondary real estate is cheaper than a new building. But such objects require additional investments for reconstruction.It is profitable to invest in a facility under construction, but such a purchase is always fraught with risk and will require a long wait.
  • House area, number of floors.
  • Year of construction.
  • The materials from which the building is made.
  • Features of the layout, the availability of furniture and equipment.
  • The size of the adjoining plot, its arrangement.

Also, when planning the cost of buying a home, you need to take into account the cost of maintaining the house. We are talking about utility bills, taxes, as well as maintenance costs of the building and the adjoining area.

The “communal” includes payments for electricity (200-450 €), water supply (0.9-5 € / m³), ​​sewerage (0.56 € / m³), ​​heating (120-150 €). If you need cleaning services for the local area, it will cost 100-200 € per month. If you plan to rent out your home, then consider the costs of periodic redecoration of the building – 300-500 €. You will also need to pay municipal tax – 50-300 € per year.

The most expensive houses are in Nicosia and Limassol. Prices here start from 400,000 – 500,000 €. In these cities, it is profitable to purchase housing for subsequent resale, because the objects are liquid and only become more expensive in price.

You can buy cheap houses in Cyprus by the sea in Larnaca. There is a low cost of living, a lot of cheap housing. In Paphos, which is ideal for both recreation and permanent residence, you can buy housing for 300,000 €. In Ayia Napa, the most popular place on the island, houses cost 2000-2500 € per m².

We will help you buy a house in Cyprus

Estate of Cyprus real estate agency offers quality Cyprus homes in the best areas of the island.In our catalog you will find objects of various heights, completely new and secondary. We will help you choose the right option for the location, budget, layout and size of the local area.

We will provide full legal support for the transaction, resolve all issues that may arise during the purchase process, as well as provide high-quality after-sales service. Contact us by phone or chat on the website – we will give you a free consultation and find you a dream home.

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