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Nightlife in Cyprus

Nightlife in Cyprus

Tourists in Cyprus have access to everything they need for a pleasant stay: clean beaches, a warm sea, many excursions to interesting historical and natural sights of the island, as well as a lot of entertainment, including nightlife. At night, the life of Cyprus is in full swing, clubs, restaurants, cabarets and karaoke are working. Therefore, lovers of noisy company and dancing will have something to do here.

Night cyprus

The first thing that distinguishes Cyprus nightlife from Russian is the work schedule only until 3 a.m. The government strictly controls this moment. After 22:00, the island is set to silence, so you will not hear loud music or noisy company in any apartment or Cyprus courtyard. For this reason, all clubs and entertainment venues are located far from residential complexes and are limited in opening hours to ensure order: all restaurants and bars are closed at one in the morning, and night clubs are closed at three. Therefore, fun until the morning on the dance floors of Cyprus will not work. The exact time of work is indicated in the license of these institutions, and they strictly follow this schedule.

The streets of Cyprus are very safe and there is no crime. Therefore, at night, you can safely walk without fear of robbers. The police work here excellently, regularly patrolling the streets. The level of security in Cyprus is one of the highest in Europe, and there is practically no major crime here.

Ayia Napa Nightlife

This is the most party city in Cyprus, and all lovers of dance floors flock here. Here the largest number of bars and nightclubs, crowds of local and visiting youth walk on the streets. Ayia Napa has an atmosphere of freedom, fun, recklessness and drive. Both clubs operate in buildings and in the open.

One of the most interesting is Castle Club. It is stylized as a medieval fortress and consists of 14 bars, 3 dance floors and a wonderful outdoor recreation area. Elements of antiquity and new creative solutions intertwine in the interior of this establishment, fascinating shows for guests are constantly held here, and the best DJs come here. Castle Club has been holding the championship among all night clubs in Cyprus for 22 years and is included in the TOP-100 nightlife venues around the world.

The SOHO Club has a luxurious interior and stylish room design. It occupies three floors, and each of them has its own style and is not like the rest. The dance floors in this club are not only indoors, but also on the spacious roof and balconies. Here you can always hear the latest tracks of progressive DJs.

Club “Red Square” was specially built for Russian tourists. Russian-speaking staff works here, tracks in our native language sound. In this club, vacationers from Russia will feel at home. And it is very popular not only among Russians, but also residents of Western Europe.

Limassol Clubs

The second most saturated city of Cyprus at night is Limassol. In addition, he is also the most Russian city of the island. This area is more respectable than Ayia Napa, here not only young people come off, but also middle-aged guests relax, and nightlife establishments are status and less reckless.

Breeze Club is one of the popular nightlife destinations in Limassol. This establishment consists of three club zones, each of which has its own style: Lounge Bar, Breeze Summer and Breeze Venus Disco. Well-known DJs and superstars come here for solo concerts.

Club Guaba Beach Bar is one of the leaders of the local club life. It is the largest and accommodates about 2,500 people under its roof. This is the venue for grand dance festivals and famous Sunday free parties. An atmosphere of freedom reigns here, and guests receive a powerful boost of energy from talented DJs.

Restaurants of Nicosia and Paphos

These two cities are not so popular among lovers of nightclubs. Nicosia is the business center of Cyprus, so the audience here is not particularly tuned to parties and even behaves quite restrained even at night, and there are not many young people in night clubs.

Paphos itself is a quiet city where calm and serene. Of course, there are places of entertainment, but there are very few of them. They are located mainly in the center, and middle-aged people go there.

In addition to night clubs in Cyprus, there are many coastal cafes where you can spend an atmospheric romantic evening, enjoying live music and delicious local cuisine, looking at the beauty of the sea. Also in the evening, respectable restaurants open for guests, serving gourmet cuisine, and the decor is solid and expensive – an ideal place for a special occasion or a date.


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