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Tourism in Cyprus

Tourism in Cyprus

Travelers love Cyprus due to its mild climate, warm and clear sea, long tourist season, high level of service and delicious national cuisine. Tourists from Russia choose this country for their vacation and because getting a visa here is as easy as shelling pears. Sitting at home at the computer, you can order a tourist single-entry pro-visa online, which you will also be sent online. And to visit the northern part of the island, which belongs to Turkey, a visa will not be required at all.

Cyprus is unique and diverse. On this small island there are two states (Turkey and the Republic of Cyprus), which are very different and have much in common. Cyprus has incorporated the traditions of many countries encroaching on it, and has preserved on its lands interesting historical sights of different cultures. Even cities have several variants of names assigned by one or another country that once owned the island.

The Cypriot mountain chains of Kyrenia and Troodos, created as a result of ancient volcanic activity, amaze with the variety of landscape and colors. And the combination of cold mountains and the warm sea coast is what makes Cyprus unique and attractive in terms of tourism.

We suggest you take a trip to this island to see all its diversity and relax on the picturesque shores of the Mediterranean Sea.

Best time to travel to Cyprus

The beach season lasts on the island most of the year – the period “May-October”. It is best to go to Cyprus in spring or autumn, when there is no strong heat and stuffiness, and the sea is still warmed up, and the water is comfortable enough for swimming. At the end of spring, Cyprus begins to bloom with different colors, landscapes become especially picturesque, and fresh vegetables and fruits are already growing. In the summer months, especially in August, the heat in Cyprus can be unbearable, the temperature rises to 40-45 degrees. At this time, on the coast and in the city there is real heat, and in the mountains it is quite pleasant, thanks to the fresh wind and the coolness of the rocks.

Holidays on the beaches of Cyprus

Basically, people come to Cyprus to sunbathe on its wonderful coast. The beaches of the island are comfortable and very picturesque. They are covered with soft golden or white sand, among which pebbles sometimes come across. Many beaches have the Blue Flag, which confirms that they are environmentally friendly. Thanks to the gentle entrance to the water and the calm sea on the beaches of Cyprus, it is very comfortable to relax with children.

All beach areas are municipal and therefore free. There is everything for the convenience of vacationers: rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, coastal cafes and places for changing clothes and relaxing. As well as many offers for water entertainment (riding a “banana”, “goodies”, etc.) and excursions.

Excursions in Cyprus

The great advantage of Cyprus is that beach vacations can be combined with cultural ones, because there are many historical and natural attractions in the resorts. These are ancient ruins, ancient monasteries, museums, religious buildings, as well as unique objects created by nature.

You should definitely visit the Ayia Napa Monastery and its Thalassa Sea Museum, the ancient city of Amathus and the Temple of Appalon of Hilat, located in the vicinity of Limassol, as well as go to the Aphrodite’s Baths in Paphos and the ancient monastery of the Holy Virgin Kykkos in the Troodos region.

You should definitely visit the Ayia Napa Monastery and its Thalassa Sea Museum, the ancient city of Amathus and the Temple of Appalon of Hilat, located in the vicinity of Limassol, as well as go to the Aphrodite’s Baths in Paphos and the ancient monastery of the Holy Virgin Kykkos in the Troodos region.

And you will certainly be interested in the ghost town of Varosha. It does not belong to any of the countries between which Cyprus was once divided. Nobody has been living there for a long time, there are only only dilapidated buildings that preserve the spirit of past eras. There are no excursions to the city itself, but it can be seen with the help of a telescope, which is located on the observation deck near the village of Derynia (10 km from the city of Ayia Napa).

For those who want to learn more about the famous Cypriot wine and taste the most delicious varieties of it, you can go on a tour of the wine regions of Cyprus. The island has many home-made wines made from local grapes.

For lovers of outdoor activities and entertainment

For those who don’t like to sit still, in Cyprus you can go hiking on the Camel Trail, which runs along the Troodos highlands, or travel by sea to Lara Bay, where there is an incubation station that helps endangered loggerhead turtles survive .

The island has all the conditions for water sports: surfing, water skiing, etc. There are excellent yacht clubs and interesting places for diving, where you can explore the remains of sunken ships resting on the seabed. Fans of fishing in Cyprus will be offered to hunt sharks or octopuses. The island also has wonderful ski slopes for those who prefer winter sports.

Who will suit Cyprus?

Here there is a suitable type of relaxation, perhaps for people of any category. It is comfortable on Cypriot beaches, there is a large amount of entertainment, and the gentle beach is covered with soft sand – ideal conditions for a summer vacation with children. For young and energetic travelers in Cyprus there are diving, surfing, hiking, winery tours, and skiing in Troodos. And for lovers of antiquities who are interested in history, Cyprus provides for fascinating trips to the sights of the island: ancient cities, museums and monasteries. Elderly tourists and those who prefer a relaxing holiday will like the local restaurants, coastal recreation areas and incredibly picturesque landscape that can be enjoyed without stopping.


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