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Moving to Cyprus: Key Benefits

Moving to Cyprus: Key Benefits

For what reason do many plan to move to the Republic of Cyprus? Who considers immigration to this country the most correct decision? To answer these questions, we got the opinion of people who came here, and now we will share with you the results of a small study we conducted.

Life in Cyprus has a lot of advantages, it provides the highest level of comfort. In addition, different perspectives open up here. First of all, it is necessary to take into account the fact that before moving to this country for permanent residence, it is desirable to rent a house for a certain period of time. This must be done in order to understand how life is in Cyprus, what is the rhythm of life in this country and feel its magnificent atmosphere. Then you will be able to make a firm and correct decision about whether to move here permanently or not. And, most importantly, you will be able to understand where it would be better for you to settle.

Stable economy

The Cypriot economy and credit rating are constantly improving due to foreign investment and tourism. Hundreds of thousands of travelers come here every month. As a result, the service industry continues to grow. Also on the island is a favorable living environment for businessmen.

Numerous foreign companies “transport” their own branches to the island, because it is South Cyprus that offers entrepreneurs from other countries the most favorable and comfortable environment for work, investment and living.


Many of the island’s health workers studied at the best institutions in Europe, and practiced in EU clinics. Such highly qualified specialists treat their own work very responsibly. Russian-speaking doctors also live in the Republic of Cyprus. For people who do not speak English or Greek, this makes the communication process much easier.


There is almost nowhere to see a metal door or windows equipped with bars, since no one needs them. The height of the fences in the areas is controlled by the administration: they must be no higher than 1.2 meters, otherwise the fence can interfere with admiring various landscapes. Among the Cypriots, it is difficult to find a person working as a bodyguard or security guard. There is no industrial production on the island. Therefore, it is believed that if you move here to live, a new house with a pleasant climate and good ecology can positively affect the health of the entire expat family.


Tax legislation treats foreign transactions and companies registered on the island quite loyally. Therefore, this island is an incredibly attractive launching pad for creating and doing business with foreign entrepreneurs. Thanks to the “soft” taxation regime, there is an increase in the inflow of foreign investment, which contributes to the rapid development of the entire country.


On the island, education is also presented at the highest level. There are schools and universities where they teach in Russian, Greek or English.

Property in Cyprus

In this country, anyone can find their own perfect “dream home” – a small bungalow on the coast, a villa in the mountains or a luxurious penthouse. Modern Cypriot real estate is built in accordance with all quality standards, so it is impossible to freeze in such houses during the cold season. At the same time, the residents will not find it unbearably stuffy in the summer. The island has almost 11 months of sunshine every year, so almost all the houses here are equipped with large verandas so that you can be outdoors for as long as possible.

People in Cyprus

Of great importance is what kind of people live in the country: their character, demeanor, etc. The people here are cheerful, friendly, calm and hospitable, Cypriots also treat immigrants and tourists good-naturedly.

We recommend reading our separate article on the Cypriot mentality.

Southern Cyprus opens up to every person from its unique side. For some, it may turn out to be an excellent home, for some it may seem like a good investment or travel zone. Anyone can find what he needs on this island.


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