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Holidays in Cyprus

Holidays in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island of love and beauty, as well as interesting traditions that have been preserved since ancient times. And all the charm of legends and stories, of course, appears in the holidays of this state. If you are planning a trip to the island, combine it with one of the Cypriot events – this will help you get to know the Cypriots better and soak up the atmosphere of exotic and ancient Cyprus.

Winter events in Cyprus

December 25th

Christmas is the most family holiday in Cyprus. On the table there are always pork dishes and a local sweet delicacy of Christokulur. They try to celebrate the Christmas holiday in new clothes or wear at least one unworn element. Cypriot believers on Christmas night go to church service and then gather at the festive table. And in some villages ancient traditions are still alive: not to lock the door on Christmas night, but to leave a pie in the attic – a treat for appeasing the spirits.

1st of January

Like many other states, the Republic of Cyprus celebrates New Year on the night of January 1. At this time, music rattles everywhere, fireworks flicker, and all people, young and old, dance. On the table is a smoky New Year’s cake of “cornflower”, inside which there is a surprise. On this holiday they venerate St. Basil – he is an analogue of our Santa Claus. Treats are prepared for him and they are waiting for his magical visit with gifts.

January 24th

Memorial Day of St. Neophyte. The island even has a historical attraction associated with this person – a monastery. In Cyprus, St. Neophytus is very revered and on this holiday they make a solemn procession to the cave where, according to legend, he lived.

Spring Events in Cyprus

11th of March

Green monday. This day is the beginning of Lent, when every Cypriot family washes their home cleanly, and then organizes a festive picnic or dinner.

April 1st

Cyprus National Day is a tribute to the events associated with the liberation struggle against the British colonialists. This is the day of freedom, unity and patriotism of the Cypriot people.

26 April

Good Friday. The government makes sure that believers can carefully prepare for Easter, and therefore this day is a day off in Cyprus. Cypriots prepare lentil soup with vinegar on Friday afternoon, and all members of faithful families spend time in prayer and fasting. Emotions are moderate, but all in anticipation of great joy – the day of the resurrection of Christ.

April 28th

Easter is the most important holiday of Orthodox Cypriots. On the night before Easter, a church service is held, and in the morning, celebrations are held where boiled eggs and Easter cakes are sure to be present on the tables. A lot of fresh greens are already growing in Cyprus at this time, so feasts always include a variety of local vegetables.

May 01

Labor Day. This is the time of rallies and demonstrations of workers, as well as various entertainment events, concerts and shows. Live music is everywhere, and the Cypriots weave and put on wreaths with wild herbs, garlic and wildflowers.

May 06

Anfestiria (Flower Day) is the most tender and beautiful holiday in Cyprus. This is a way to honor the incredible beauty of the island. In Cyprus, flower fairs are held, all give each other bouquets. The streets are filled with daisies, alpine violets, anemones, gladioli and wild tulips.

Summer events in Cyprus

June 16th

Feast of the Trinity. This event for believers in Cyprus begins with morning service in the church and is accompanied by prayers.

August 15

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This is a day off and a time when it seems that all Cypriots are getting a little kinder. On the night before the holiday, believers make a procession, which is accompanied by the removal of the shroud of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and in the morning they go to the church in solemn service.

August 30th

Wine Festival in Limassol. This is one of the most famous and beloved by travelers of Cyprus events, which must be visited by wine lovers, because this fair collects in one place the products of wineries from all over the island. The festival is saturated with the spirit of Cyprus, there are a lot of national attributes and local folklore: bouzouka (a national string instrument) sounds, craftsmen sing folk songs and dance Cypriot dances. At the wine fair, various competitions are held and national dishes are fed to guests.

Autumn Events in Cyprus

September 14th

The exaltation of the cross of the Lord is an event that is very significant in Cyprus. On this day, Orthodox Cypriots go to the church to worship, praying for loved ones and friends. The island during the celebration becomes a gathering place for pilgrims visiting shrines.

October 01

Independence Day of the Republic of Cyprus. This date is celebrated by the Cypriots on a large scale! Throughout its existence, an island with a good strategic position, has constantly come under the possession of one or the other country. But the national liberation struggle in 1960, finally, led to the fact that Cyprus became a sovereign state. On Independence Day, parades are held on the island, and tasty treats are prepared in the houses and friends and relatives are invited to the feast. Mass walks on city streets last until the night.

28 of October

Ohi Day. This event is connected with the Second World War, when Cyprus rejected the ultimatum of Italy on neutrality in hostilities and thereby became part of the struggle against the fascist invaders. This is the day of parades, demonstrations and festivities in Cyprus. The flags of the country are hung on the administrative buildings.


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