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Buy penthouse in Cyprus

Buy penthouse in Cyprus

A penthouse in Cyprus is an elite home, an attribute of prestige and a way to emphasize your high status and provide comfort. Such an apartment is ideal for vacation or permanent residence. It meets all modern requirements for comfort, it is a special type of real estate that is inaccessible to mass consumption.
Buying a penthouse in Cyprus is a great opportunity to become the owner of your own home on the Mediterranean coast. In addition, this is a profitable investment that will allow you to get a high profit on the resale of the object or good rental rates.

Penthouse in Cyprus: features

Penthouse is an apartment on the top floor of a multi-storey building with its own exit to the roof. They usually differ from other apartments in layout and have a more luxurious exterior.
In Cyprus, you can find both inexpensive objects with small terraces and luxurious two-storey apartments with spacious terraces equipped with all amenities. Also, such apartments can be with their own outdoor swimming pool on the roof.
Penthouses in Cyprus are often located on the seafront. On the top floor, you can spend time outdoors, enjoying beautiful views of the sea, mountains and the city from above, as well as some isolation from the neighbors. Like all elite housing, penthouses have the most comfortable layout, modern technical equipment.In the main cities of the island (Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos) there are not so many high-rise buildings, so often penthouses are built on buildings of 5-6 floors. Apartments on the top floor of a 3-storey building can also be considered penthouses.

Reasons to buy a penthouse in Cyprus

Cyprus is an island with ancient history and culture. There is a pleasant climate, warm sea with clean beaches. Fresh vegetables and fruits, delicious local wine, tourist season from April to November. That is why the island is one of the most comfortable places to live and spend a vacation.
One of the main advantages of housing on the top floor is a wonderful view from the panoramic windows. In such an apartment, picturesque sunrises and sunsets and an overview of the city from a height await you.

Other advantages that make it worth buying a penthouse in Cyprus:
Uniqueness. The special design emphasizes the luxury of the home.
Privacy. You will not be disturbed by the neighbors – the entire upper floor will be at your disposal. You can relax in peace on your private terrace or in the pool.
Great location. Usually penthouses are built in houses that are located near the sea, in tourist or business centers. Thanks to the developed infrastructure, you will have close access to shops, schools, medical facilities and entertainment centers.
– The possibility of redevelopment. You can make any kind of space zoning.
Big square. This type of accommodation is ideal for a large family. Here you can equip several recreation areas (terrace, winter garden, swimming pool, gym), bedrooms and bathrooms.
A profitable investment. Real estate on the island is liquid, there is always a demand for it. You will be able to profitably resell the object or rent it out and receive an income of 4-8% per annum.

In addition, buying a house in Cyprus for an amount of € 300,000 or more, you get the opportunity to apply for permanent residence. And after 7 years of stay on the island – apply for local citizenship.
You can buy a penthouse in Cyprus by choosing a suitable option in our catalog. We have properties in a wide price range with different layouts.

Penthouse in Cyprus: prices

The cost of penthouses in Cyprus depends on the following factors:
– Location – city, urbanization.
– The proximity or remoteness of the property from the beach.
– The presence of infrastructure nearby.
– Year of construction and materials used.
– View from the window.
– The area of ​​the apartment and outdoor areas (terraces, etc.).
– Landscaping of the territory on the roof, the presence of a swimming pool.
– Number of storeys.
The cost of penthouses starts from 300,000 euros and reaches several million euros, depending on the location. The most expensive apartments in Limassol and Nicosia. In Paphos, you can buy housing much more profitable. And in Larnaca it is even cheaper.

You can buy an inexpensive penthouse in Cyprus in the vicinity of Paphos. Here, an apartment on the top floor with a terrace will cost from 175,000 €. A modest penthouse in Cyprus can be bought in Limassol for 250,000 – 350,000 €. In Larnaca, for the same money, you can buy premium quality housing with a large covered area and a spacious veranda.

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