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About us

Estate of Cyprus company – real estate brokerage company in Cyprus. We select suitable property options to our customers in Cyprus and provide full support for the entire purchase. We work without commision and extra cost from our clients.

How can we be of service to you?

  • find the best properties in Cyprus
  • we will audit the facility and ensure the legal purity of the transaction
  • We will advise on taxes and fees that await a buyer of real estate in Cyprus
  • we will direct in matters of bank financing (obtaining a mortgage in Cyprus)
  • help in obtaining a residence permit
  • We will provide after-sales service and facility management
  • organize sale of an object in Cyprus

We are not an intermediary, but a personal consultant and assistant

We do not just provide intermediary services in the transaction, but participate fully in it. Starting from the choice of the property, ending with the receipt of the right of ownership by the client. That is, it’s not a third-party partner that works with you, but a personal real estate consultant who accompanies you in Cyprus and helps you resolve all issues related to the purchase on the spot. You and your finances will be safe, because our specialist is always there.

Our services are free for you

You do not overpay for real estate, because we charge a commission not from the client, but from the partners (agents or developers) with whom we work in Cyprus. This means that for you the services of our company are completely free, and you can purchase real estate at the price of our partner, as if you contacted him directly.

Large listing of property

We have carried out painstaking work to study the Cyprus property market and strive to collect all the offers that will be beneficial for our customers. We have a large database of real estate, among which there are budget options, and expensive elite in all cities of the island. Convenient and fast search system on the site will help you easily find what you need.

How we work

  1. You send us an application with a description of the property you would like to find, or a specific reference number from our site.
  2. We will send you a preliminary selection of objects that fit your description.
  3. We are discussing with you the proposed options, the procedure for processing the transaction, issues related to the maintenance of real estate, obtaining a mortgage and a residence permit, as well as other important details.
  4. Select a list of the most suitable real estate options that I would like to see.
  5. You go to Cyprus for a personal inspection of the selected objects. We meet you here.
  6. We introduce you to our partners (real estate agencies and developers in Cyprus) who sell the objects you like, and discuss with them all the important points.
  7. You choose the best object that suits you by all criteria.
  8. Coordination of the terms of the transaction and the signing of the contract are underway.

Our mission

The mission of Estate of Cyprus company is to help each of our clients buy property in Cyprus, find the best partner for them (an agency or developer in Cyprus), advise on all aspects of the purchase process and the conditions for maintaining future property, achieve the most favorable conditions for the acquisition for the client, minimize its risks and provide the highest quality and professional service.

Our values

The values ​​of Estate of Cyprus are the comfort of our customers and the provision of such transaction conditions under which all parties win.

Our principles of work

When we created the company, we decided that we did not want to build another ordinary real estate agency in Cyprus. And we emphasized two important components: close interaction with the client and the creation of a large current base of Cypriot real estate.

Favorable prices for customers

We do not mark-up real estate, and customers purchase it at the price of our partners, as if they were working directly with sellers. This condition is mandatory and is specified in the contract with partners.

Wide choise

One of our main tasks is to collect a mosaic of real estate in Cyprus so that the client sees a complete and current picture of the housing market and can better navigate it. We want everyone who comes to us, from the whole variety of offers, to be able to find the best property suitable for all parameters. To do this, we emphasized the convenient and quick search of objects on our website.


We are always transparent to our customers and partners. All parties to the transaction know their role. The names of counterparties and partners are always open to customers. Estate of Cyprus is not a wall between customers and partners, we are a “bridge” on the way of the buyer to his future real estate


Each of the parties receives from the transaction what it wants. Our clients find real estate at competitive prices, receive expert advice and transaction support, and we share the standard commission with our partners


We only introduce our clients to partners (agencies or developers in Cyprus) who sell their chosen property, and do not represent or lobby for the interests of any one developer or agency


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