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Buy residential Land in Cyprus

Buy residential Land in Cyprus

If you are looking to purchase building land in Cyprus, Estate of Cyprus offers lucrative properties. Our catalog contains plots in Paphos, Limassol, Troodos, Polis. They are ideal for construction, have an advantageous location and all the necessary communications.
Cyprus is very profitable in terms of land investment. There are favorable conditions for permanent residence, vacation or business. You can buy land in Cyprus for the construction of a house, hotel or shopping center. The object will become a reliable investment and will never lose value.

Land in Cyprus: types and features

The island has land facilities for various purposes: residential, tourist, industrial. Your goals will determine which site you need to look for.
Plots for the construction of residential buildings are located near cities, have a developed infrastructure, good transport accessibility. In addition, these land properties are usually surrounded by green areas, parks or located close to the sea coast. The most suitable cities for buying land for building a house are Larnaca and Limassol.
Commercial building land in Cyprus is used for the construction of an enterprise, hotel or business center. Industrial sites are usually located on the outskirts of cities, away from residential areas. The most suitable areas for the construction of hotels are the seaside and tourist centers. Larnaca and Limassol are ideal for such a purpose. For business centers, you should choose Nicosia, Paphos or also Limassol.
Shopping centers in Cyprus are built in special zones.It is quite difficult to find the optimal and easily accessible location for such objects. They cannot be built in industrial, residential and agricultural areas. But at the same time, it is important that the shopping center is located in an accessible place, not too far from residential buildings. There are very few plots that meet all these parameters.

Why is it worth buying land in Cyprus for construction

Buying land in Cyprus is an opportunity to profitably invest money and move to live in a country with great development prospects.
Advantages of buying a land property on the island of Cyprus:

  • picturesque nature, comfortable climate, long tourist season;
  • affordable cost when compared with land prices in Europe;
  • developed infrastructure: there are shopping centers, schools, medical institutions near housing projects;
  • high soil fertility, which makes it possible to make a stunning personal plot;
  • liquidity of land on the island, thanks to which you can profitably resell the land in the future or rent it out.

In addition, it is profitable to invest in land on the island, because there is a favorable economic situation and a loyal taxation system. Despite the pandemic, the region is developing and offering favorable conditions to foreign investors.

What is the land price in Cyprus?

The following factors affect the cost of objects:

  • purpose (for industrial, housing or tourism);
  • location (the most expensive and prestigious properties are located on the coast and in cities);
  • type of soil and relief (rocky lands are less suitable for landscaping, landscaping, therefore, they are cheaper than flat areas);
  • square;
  • infrastructure development;
  • transport accessibility;
  • population level.

The most expensive building land in Cyprus is for the construction of residential buildings. And the closer they are to the coast, the higher their cost. For example, in Limassol, land with an area of ​​500 m², which is located at a distance of four kilometers from the sea, can be bought for 60,000 €.

In the historical center of the city, a plot of up to 900 m² at a distance of 250 m from the sea will cost 1,250,000 €. In general, in Limassol within the city limits, land projects for residential construction start at € 30,000 per 100 m² and rise to several million, depending on the proximity of the facility to the coast.

In Paphos, 600 m² land can be bought for 120,000 €. A plot of 9,900 m² will cost 2,000,000 €. In Larnaca, for about the same money, an object by the sea with an area of ​​1600 m² is being sold.

We will help you to buy a plot of land in Cyprus as profitable as possible. The catalog contains objects in a wide price range.

Contact us by phone or chat on the website – we will offer free building land, give a free purchase consultation and arrange a preview.

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