Investment projects and buying a business in Cyprus are in steady demand among foreign citizens, including Russians. Since Cyprus is an island in the Mediterranean Sea, with its warm climate and rich history, it is most often invested in hotel business, cafes, restaurants and shops, office centers and individual offices.
Objects of this category are in great demand in the European market, since commercial real estate in Cyprus is influenced by a well-balanced state investment policy. The selection of commercial real estate is carried out according to a number of criteria, due to the loyalty of the legislation and the interests of the client. Buying an office in Cyprus is an excellent solution for a stable investment income, since the demand for office space in Cyprus is very high, especially a small footage. Owning a Cyprus office is a great first step to starting your own business. In our catalog you will find many offices of various sizes. We will select for you a successful location of the office for your requirements and wishes.

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