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Buy an agricultural plot in Cyprus

Buy an agricultural plot in Cyprus

An agricultural plot in Cyprus is an opportunity to successfully develop a farm: plant vegetables or raise livestock. The island has a favorable climate: warm sunny days from April to November, comfortable air humidity. In addition, there are fertile lands that will give a rich harvest.

Plot in Cyprus: features and benefits

A plot in Cyprus is an area that is already ready for use. It has a plan for communications and green areas. After purchase, you will receive a Title Deed, which gives you ownership and free disposal.

Reasons to buy land on the island:
– picturesque nature;
-favorable Mediterranean climate;
-affordability (in comparison with many other regions of the European Union);
– relative proximity to major cities of the island.

In addition, land plots in Cyprus are a profitable investment. There is a lack of free land on the island, so they always grow in value. On the next resale, you will have a good profit. Also, the object can be rented out and receive high passive income.

Buying a land plot in Cyprus is not only an opportunity to profitably invest money, but also to move to live in a country with great development prospects. There is a favorable economic situation here, high availability of education, medical and banking services for foreigners.An important point: foreigners are allowed to purchase land on the island with an area of ​​up to 4000 m² per person. If you need to buy a larger object, then it is registered with several family members.

How much can I buy a land plot in Cyprus?

The cost of land depends on several factors:

  • Location. The most expensive and prestigious are land plots on the sea coast and in cities. Land that is far from the sea or located in the foothills is much cheaper.
  • Ground type and relief. On rocky terrain, it is more difficult to carry out construction work, it is less suitable for landscaping, landscaping (including swimming pools). Therefore, such land will be cheaper than flat plots.
  • Size. In addition to the direct pattern “less is cheaper, more is more expensive”, there is also a factor: buying several plots in one area will be more profitable.

The cost of the cheapest plot is about 7000 €. Large and well-located land can cost tens of millions of euros. The area of ​​the objects sold: from 50 m² to millions of m².
Lands that are especially popular among investors are located in Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca. The most expensive properties are in Limassol. In the most prestigious suburban area, land with an area of ​​20,000-30,000 m² costs about 19,000,000 €.
Paphos has more affordable land prices (20-30% lower). Here, a plot of 130,000 m² costs about 5,000,000 €. In the vicinity of Larnaca, you can buy 6300 m² land for 2,000,000 €.

How to choose the right land in Cyprus

When choosing, it is important to consider the following factors:
Are there bodies of water nearby.Due to dams, streams and watercourses, construction may be limited for environmental reasons.
Rough terrain, the presence of steep slopes and hills.
Availability of communications: water supply, electricity, etc.
Transport accessibility and proximity to public roads.
“Cleanliness” of documents. It is important that the plot has a Title Deed, where there is information about all the owners, a cadastral plan, as well as a paper confirming the status of the plot.
We will help you choose a suitable property in terms of area, facilities and budget. We have a wide range of offers, among which you will find the best.

Buy an agricultural land in Cyprus


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