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Buy villa in Cyprus

Buy villa in Cyprus

Villa in Cyprus is a dream home immersed in greenery, with huge rooms, terraces and stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Not everyone can afford such a pleasure. A villa in Cyprus, the price of which ranges from € 200,000 to millions, is luxury, comfort, an indicator of status and high quality of life.

Estate of Cyprus real estate agency will help you select and profitably purchase a house on the island, as well as take care of all the issues that may arise during the transaction. Our catalog contains objects of the most popular areas of Cyprus.

Villa in Cyprus: features

Villas in Cyprus, despite the high cost and belonging to elite housing, have a fairly compact size of the building itself, but a spacious adjoining territory. It is customary for Cypriots to spend a lot of time outdoors, so every house has a patio, an open refectory area. Mansions often have a swimming pool, private beach access. Large-scale properties may even have their own mini golf course or garden.

It is hardly possible to buy an inexpensive villa in Cyprus. Basically, these are expensive housing that wealthy people are interested in. The presence of a mansion is always about high status and prestige.

For those who are going to move to the island, ownership of a villa gives the opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit (when buying real estate from 300,000 euros). And those who want to rent out housing – receive an income of 5-8% per annum.

Other reasons to buy a villa in Cyprus by the sea:

  • good ecology in the region, comfortable Mediterranean climate;
  • long tourist season (April-November);
  • low utility bills;
  • favorable tax situation;
  • stability of the banking system, the ability to take out loans and mortgages to foreigners;
  • developed infrastructure.

It is also worth noting, but the country has a high quality of education, there are international kindergartens and schools. The health care system is well developed.

In which cities is it worth buying a villa in Cyprus

Villas in Cyprus are most often bought in:

  • Limassol Marina, where luxury private residences with berths for their own yachts are located;
  • the prestigious residence “Agios Tychonas” in Limassol among the greenery and near the yacht marina;
  • Paphos, where prices for detached houses are significantly lower than in Limassol, and the quality and comfort are about the same;
  • Ayia Napa and Protaras, where you can enjoy privacy and tranquility while being close to the most beautiful beaches;
    outskirts of Limassol. Coziness and comfort await you within a 10-minute drive from a major city.

If you are interested in having accommodation in a tourist center with a developed business sector, you should choose Limassol. In this city, it is profitable to buy an object for subsequent resale, because here real estate only becomes more expensive. For renting out, it is worth buying a house in Paphos, which is located on the picturesque coastline and is especially attractive to tourists. For permanent residence, you can consider the quiet and calm Larnaca. And real party-goers and lovers of noisy rest will like Ayia Napa.

We work with real estate in all cities of the island: Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos, Nicosia, Ayia Napa. With us you can easily find a suitable house anywhere in the country.

Villas in Cyprus: prices

The sale of villas in Cyprus and the starting price of the transaction depend on the following indicators:

  • exclusivity;
  • the quality of the materials from which the house is built;
  • location and proximity to the first line (distance from the sea);
  • housing class;
  • footage;
  • the size and convenience of the local area;
  • view from the windows.

On average, the cost of villas on the island varies from 1200 to 1700 € per m². The closer to the sea, the higher the price of the object.

The most expensive real estate is in Limassol. Prices here start at 1250 € per m². A country house of 100 m² with two bedrooms and a fireplace can be purchased for 125,000 €. New villas will cost 6400 € per m².

In Paphos, houses are cheaper – 800-1000 € per m². A small mansion in the village can be bought for 56,000 €. Houses are more expensive in the city. In elite areas, the cost of a villa can reach several million euros.

Larnaca has the most inexpensive properties. Prices here start at 900 € per m². In Larnaca, you can buy a 160 m² three-bedroom mansion for 147,000 €. In the prestigious districts of the city, housing is many times more expensive.

Resale properties will be quite cheap compared to new properties. But when buying such a home, you need to keep in mind the additional costs that will be required for restoration.

How to buy a home in Cyprus

Estate of Cyprus real estate agency will help you profitably purchase a villa in Cyprus. We have extensive experience working with real estate on the island and many offers of quality and profitable housing. We offer objects only from trusted developers and we will find you a suitable option in any city: from Limassol to Ayia Napa.

To buy a home, you will need to open an account with a local bank, conclude a purchase and sale agreement (this can be done locally or online in any country). Next, you will need to make an advance payment under the contract in order to reserve the object, and then transfer the rest.

We provide a full range of transaction support services: selection of an object, organization of previews, solution of all legal issues, after-sales service. With us you can buy your dream mansion quickly, legally and safely.

Villas in Cyprus


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