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Buy a business in Cyprus

Buy a business in Cyprus

A business in Cyprus is a good investment that will bring stable profits. There is a wide variety of businesses for sale on the island, from large businesses with large staff to small family businesses.

It is much easier for a foreign entrepreneur to buy a proven, well-functioning and well-functioning business than to open a completely new company. Moreover, the investment and tax policy of Cyprus is conducive to this.

A business in Cyprus: features

The most profitable businesses in Cyprus are tourism, hospitality and catering. More than 3 million tourists come to the island every year, so the demand for housing, entertainment, excursions and other tourist services is consistently high. Clubs, karaoke, entertainment centers for children and adults, as well as buildings for rent are very popular.

It is profitable to buy shops, small cafes and kiosks in Cyprus. You can invest in a local retail network or buy a store with goods. Another lucrative niche is shipping. The island has loyal customs requirements and such a direction as the transportation of goods on their own ship is very developed.

It should be borne in mind that you can purchase a ready-made company more expensive than opening a new company.But you will be able to quickly recoup your investment. A ready-made business – a well-established work and management scheme, equipped premises, staff. But even in a well-established business, difficulties, inconsistencies and unforeseen circumstances may appear, and one must be ready for this.

It is important to pay attention to the location of the company. For a travel agency, shop, hotel or office, tourist and business districts are essential. There is high cross-country ability, developed infrastructure, good transport accessibility, landscaped local areas.

There is no separate tax for the purchase of a company. The buyer pays income tax (12.5%), social security contributions, and defense tax.

Buy a business in Cyprus

  • Acquiring a company can be much faster and safer than starting a new business.
  • Cyprus has a loyal tax system, one of the lowest corporate taxes – 12.5% ​​of profits.
  • There is no double taxation for foreigners, which significantly reduces costs.
  • Having an enterprise in Cyprus, you will be able to freely conduct foreign exchange transactions and open accounts in any country in the world.
  • You get a completely ready-to-open company that will start generating income as quickly as possible.
  • There are many companies for sale from various fields – you can easily find a suitable direction.
  • The companies are verified, have all the necessary package of documents, certificates and licenses.

Moreover, Cyprus has a stable economic situation. Despite the pandemic, the island is developing and is not losing popularity among tourists. People come here to the beach, to ski resorts.There is a large flow of guests all year round.

Cypriots have a good attitude towards Russians and are open to communication. Therefore, you will definitely find regular customers not only among the Russian-speaking, but also among the local population.

Business in Cyprus: prices

Non-residents of Cyprus can purchase a business on the same basis as residents. The value of a company depends on many factors:

  • location;
  • the scale of the organization;
  • payback;
  • projected profit;
  • readiness for use (whether the premises and equipment are completely ready, or it is necessary to change, restore, purchase something);
  • the presence of a staffed staff, its size;
  • promotion of the company, the presence of regular customers.

A restaurant in the center of Nicosia with an area of ​​150 m² with a veranda can be bought for 95,000 €. A building in Paphos with offices and apartments for rent with a total area of ​​240 m² can be purchased for 1,200,000 €.

An entertainment center in Limassol with an area of ​​300 m² with a large plot and a veranda costs 1,800,000 €. A complex of bungalows and villas for rent in Polis with a total covered area of ​​562 m² will cost 2,200,000 €.

To buy a business in Cyprus profitably and safely, a competent lawyer is needed. He will audit the company and establish whether everything is in order with the documents of ownership, what is the real financial condition of the company, what assets it has. He will also check if all the necessary licenses, contracts with contractors, whether the labor legislation is observed, whether the company has any encumbrances.

Business for sale in Cyprus


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