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Commercial property in Cyprus

Commercial property in Cyprus

Cyprus is an attractive place not only in terms of tourism or permanent residence, but also business. There is everything for the formation and development of their business. The tax policy is loyal to foreign investors, as are banks that provide loans for Cyprus commercial real estate abroad on favorable terms.

Investing in projects under construction or in Cyprus is an opportunity to invest in property that not only does not get cheaper in price (because the value of Cyprus real estate is constantly growing), but also will bring good income either from renting out or from running your own business.

What is the most profitable commercial property?

Cyprus is a country imprisoned for tourism. The beach season has been going on for several months, and the influx of tourists is enormous. The island is very popular among travelers due to its mild climate, stunning beaches and the high level of comfort of the accommodation provided. Therefore, the most vicious niche in Cyprus is the tourism business.

Accordingly, the most profitable commercial real estate abroad is objects of a tourist orientation: hotels, buildings for entertainment centers or sports activities, offices, salons, shops, catering establishments. Everything that will give comfort and pleasure to vacationers in Cyprus will bring good profit in the beach season. It is also very popular to acquire a ready-made business on the island, which has already been run in and with an established system of work, and a development project.

Many people buy apartments or entire estates in Cyprus, but do not live in them, and also use them for business purposes: rent them out to tourists for the duration of the beach season or for a long time. Even inexpensive Cypriot housing will be with a high level of comfort and good infrastructure, so it is very beneficial to invest in a few cheap apartments and rent them out.

Why is it worth buying a business in Cyprus?

There are a lot of business offers on the island: boutiques, hotels, restaurants, cafes and other projects of the entertainment industry. Thanks to favorable conditions for business development, many European investors seek to buy a business abroad here. In addition, the cost and demand for Cypriot objects is constantly growing, so they give a stable income from renting or a good profit from the sale in the future.

Commercial real estate abroad in Cyprus varies greatly in price, depending on factors such as: the degree of profitability of the property and its location (proximity to the coast and central areas of cities). Also, the cost is formed based on the area of the room and its condition. Our catalog contains profitable business real estate options, and we will be happy to help you choose the most suitable one and advise on all matters related to the acquisition of an object.


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