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Types of real estate in Cyprus

Types of real estate in Cyprus

Go to Cyprus … What could be better? This island is famous for its mild climate and incredible beauty. The sun, the sea, delicious fruits, excellent wines and, of course, comfortable accommodation in Cyprus – all this makes spending time there simply magical!

Today, many real estate options are offered on this wonderful island. If you decide to move to a paradise and are in search of housing in Cyprus, then we offer you a brief overview of the available options. Each type of property is good in its own way, and you are sure to find something that is right for you.

Detached house and Semi-detached – mansions, cottages

A house in Cyprus by the sea is the dream of many lovers of lazy and luxurious relaxation. Basically, two-story buildings with three bedrooms are offered. This is a great option for a large family. The cost of such pleasure depends on the location of the mansion, its condition, the materials from which it is made, as well as the number of bedrooms. In any case, this is one of the expensive options. If you need a house in Cyprus cheaper, then consider Semi-detached (a two-house house). This is an ideal type of housing for those who want to feel all the delights of country life and do not mind having neighbors behind the wall.

Apartment, Ground floor apartment, Penthouse – apartments

Apartments in Cyprus– it is the most popular property option due to a good combination of

The number of rooms in Cyprus apartments is considered according to the number of bedrooms, and the standard one-room option consists of: a bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, an entrance hall, a small dressing room, a living room and a balcony. The cost of this type of housing is largely dependent on location. For example, apartments in Cyprus on the seashore are quite an expensive pleasure.

Town house или Maisonette – a group of 2-3-storey houses with a separate entrance for each owner

Town houses combines the advantages of a mansion and an apartment. This comfortable type of housing has all the amenities of a cottage, but is located within the city. It is a group of buildings with a separate entrance for each owner. These are fairly cheap houses in Cyprus, so many who wish to live in a private mansion choose this option.


Bungalow in Cyprus – This is a one-story mansion stretched across the territory. As a rule, there is no heating system in it, and it is made of light and thin building materials. This option is very convenient for families with children and elderly people, because there are no stairs in such a house, the space is designed very comfortably with a high level of security.


Villas in Cyprus– It belongs to the elite type of housing and is a separate two- or three-story mansion with a large adjoining territory, on which there is a swimming pool and green spaces. The landscape design of the site is thought out to the smallest detail.

Depending on the type of property, the cost of housing in Cyprus varies greatly. You can find both elite expensive options, and an economy class. But even inexpensive accommodation in Cyprus has a high level of comfort and, combined with the excellent climate of the area, will become a real dream home for you and your family!


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