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What professions are in demand in Cyprus?

What professions are in demand in Cyprus?

Cyprus provides many opportunities to work in a variety of fields, and its tax system and salary levels make it a magnet for many foreign professionals. Whether you are a medical professional, an IT guru or a bartender, Cyprus offers many options to advance your career and enjoy life on this beautiful island.

Economic situation

Since the beginning of 2017, Cyprus has demonstrated impressive economic growth, steadily coping with the effects of the global financial crisis. Since that time, the country’s GDP has grown by 3.6%, and the inflation rate remains one of the lowest in Europe, amounting to only 1.5%. The downward trend in unemployment is also encouraging – it currently stands at 9.8%, below the psychological mark of 10%.

Cyprus actively attracts labor from Russia and Ukraine, and the country’s authorities are not against the employment of foreign citizens. Despite the fact that legal work requires appropriate permission, most vacancies are available to Russian citizens in the service and tourism sectors. In addition, the island also has offers for highly qualified specialists from various fields.

Tourism remains an important sector of the Cyprus economy and is only growing. Investors are also showing interest in local real estate, which creates a need for specialists in various professions – from financiers and IT specialists to service sector workers.

According to Q4 2022 data, the highest vacancy rates were observed in the areas of accommodation and food service, water and sewer services, and waste management. Specialists in the financial and insurance sectors, administrators and educators are also in demand.

It should be noted that the Cypriot authorities strive to support local workers, as well as citizens of the European Union, in employment, but if the company really needs specialists from Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, they are ready to carry out the necessary procedures.

Cyprus is a country saturated with a Russian-speaking community, which constantly numbers from 40 to 50 thousand immigrants from Russia and other post-Soviet countries. Many regularly come to relax in their homes and apartments on this wonderful Mediterranean island. Cyprus is incredibly popular among Russian tourists, and this is creating significant demand for Russian-speaking professionals in a variety of fields, from taxi drivers and waiters to financial advisors and real estate agents.

What benefits does Cyprus provide for workers and investors?

  1. Low taxes. Cyprus is famous for its low taxes, both for individuals and legal entities.
  2. Wonderful climate. Cyprus has a unique Mediterranean climate, which allows you to combine work with relaxation on warm and sunny days.
  3. Decent salary level. The average salary is about 1,400 euros per month, which provides a decent standard of living.
  4. There are many Russian-speaking citizens. The presence of the Russian-speaking population creates a comfortable environment for foreign workers and investors.

Despite these advantages, there are some disadvantages to consider:

  1. High level of competition. High demand for labor also means intense competition for jobs.
  2. The language barrier. To successfully adapt to Cyprus, you must speak Greek and English at a conversational level.

Overall, Cyprus is an attractive place to work and invest, especially for Russian-speaking professionals and entrepreneurs who can enjoy the favorable economic situation and unique lifestyle on this beautiful island.

Professions in demand

Cyprus is not only an amazing holiday destination, but also a wonderful place for employment. The country’s economy has been growing steadily since 2017, and employees of various professions are always in demand. Let’s take a look at some of them and the salary levels they can expect.

Teaching is one of the important professions in Cyprus. With a minimum wage of €1,250 per month and an average of €1,850, it’s a job that combines teaching and life on a sunny island.

Lawyers and doctors are also valued on the island. Lawyers can expect a minimum salary of €1,100 and an average of €1,350, while doctors earn between €1,450 and €1,900.

Service industry workers such as waiters and bartenders also have good prospects. With a minimum wage of €950 to €1,000 and an average of €1,250, they can work in beautiful tourist locations and enjoy the work.

IT specialists and financiers are in demand in the modern economy. Programmers earn between €1,700 and €2,800, while financiers, bank employees and accountants can expect salaries between €1,250 and €1,850.

It is important to note that during the tourist season, salaries can increase significantly due to the large flow of tourists.

Taxation in Cyprus

Taxation in Cyprus also makes it an attractive place to work. Workers with incomes of less than €19,500 per year are exempt from paying income tax. Salaries over €2,333 are taxed at 25%, and over €3,025 at 35%. In addition, an additional 7.8% is withheld for social insurance.


Working hours in Cyprus vary depending on the field of activity. Typically the workweek is 40 hours and the workday lasts 8 hours in a five-day workweek. The maximum working week is 48 hours, including overtime.

The work schedule in Cyprus has its own characteristics, which depend on the type of organization and its location. In most offices and government agencies, standard working hours are from 8.30 to 16.00 or from 7.30 to 15.00, with a lunch break during the day. This schedule is common and observed mainly in the capital and major cities of Cyprus.

However, in the private sector the situation may be completely different. Each organization can set its own work schedule depending on its needs and the nature of its activities. This is especially true for businesses related to the service and tourism sectors.

In tourist areas such as Ayia Napa and Larnaca, the service sector is busy from early morning until late evening. Restaurants, cafes, shops and entertainment venues operate at a busy pace to satisfy the needs of tourists. This creates more jobs and opportunities for those seeking employment in this sector.

Despite the variety of work schedules, it is important to remember that an employee must only work those hours that are provided for in his contract or agreement with the employer. Weekend and overtime work may be subject to additional agreements and remuneration in accordance with Cyprus law.

Employers, in turn, must organize shift work in such a way as to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of the enterprise. This is especially important for service businesses where customers expect service at any time of the day or night.

How to find a job without intermediaries

If you are considering Cyprus as a potential place to work, then you should know that vacancies on this beautiful island are easily found without intermediaries. Below we will provide you with detailed information on ways to find a job, useful resources and types of employment in Cyprus.

Independent search through government resources

Let’s start with the fact that in Cyprus there is a public employment service where you can find up-to-date information about vacancies. The Cyprus Public Employment Service website ( provides an extensive database of vacancies and employment information.

Popular job search sites in Cyprus

There are many websites where you can find vacancies in Cyprus. Some of them even provide the opportunity to subscribe to a newsletter and receive information about new vacancies to your email. Here are some popular sites for finding work in Cyprus:

  • (search for Cyprus)

Specialized Resources

There are also specialized resources and agency websites where you can find vacancies in different areas. Here are some of them:

  • (vacancies in Cyprus)
  • (vacancies in Cyprus)

Cyprus also publishes newspapers advertising job vacancies. Reading local newspapers can be a useful way to find a job. Some popular local newspapers where you can find job postings include:

  • Cyprus Mail
  • In Cyprus
  • Financial Mirror
  • Phileleftheros
  • Sigmalive

Job aggregators

To get a complete picture of vacancies in Cyprus, you can use job aggregators such as Careerjet. They collect information about vacancies from various Cyprus websites and provide it in a convenient form.

Those wishing to spend the summer working in the tourism industry or in a hotel should visit.

Social networks and Telegram chats

In today’s world, social networks play an important role in finding a job. There are several Russian-language chats and channels on Telegram where you can find information about vacancies and discuss work experience in Cyprus:




There is a high demand for seasonal and temporary work in Cyprus, especially in the tourism sector. Guides, waiters, cooks, nannies and other professionals can find work from May to October on the Jobscyprus resource. This is a great opportunity for those who want to spend the summer working in Cyprus.


If you prefer to deal with professional agencies, there are recruitment agencies in Cyprus that can help you find work. However, it is worth remembering that the services of such agencies can be quite expensive, usually in the range of 9-25% of annual earnings. The list of agencies can be found at this link:

Websites for advertisements and vacancies from direct employers

You can contact employers directly using the following sites:


Types of employment

Cyprus offers a variety of employment options in the industrial, trade, construction and service sectors. Finding a job in Limassol can be challenging, although many employers prefer to hire Russian-speaking immigrants with English language skills. However, many potential applicants are put off by the need to go through multiple bureaucratic procedures.

Work without knowledge of the language

To find a well-paid job in Cyprus, you must speak at least English. Ideally, still Greek.

Unskilled labor is not paid decently, so wages for such vacancies will be low. You won’t be able to get a lot of money.

Seasonal work

Seasonal work in Cyprus usually covers the period from May to October, at the height of the tourist season. At this time, the demand for different types of workers increases. Let’s look at some of them:

  1. Guide. Tourists always need guides to learn more about local attractions and culture.
  2. Waiter. Restaurants and cafes are crowded with tourists, so waiters are needed to serve visitors.

3. Construction worker. The construction industry is also active during the summer months, and construction workers are always in demand.

4. Cook. Restaurants and hotels need chefs to prepare delicious meals for tourists.

5. Nanny. Many families coming on vacation are looking for a nanny to care for their children.

6. Housemaid. Cleaning and maintaining cleanliness in hotels and apartments is another important job.

Seasonal work in Cyprus is varied and often does not require specific qualifications, making it accessible to a wide range of job seekers.

Temporary job

For foreign citizens wishing to find temporary work, there are several options:

  • Animator. Work in entertainment complexes and hotels, where animators hold events and entertain visitors.
  • Administrator. Temporary work in offices, shops or restaurants as an administrator.
  • Bartender. Many bars and nightclubs hire temporary bartenders to serve customers.
  • Manager. Temporary management positions are available in a variety of areas, from sales to hospitality.

Knowledge of English is often a requirement for temporary work, as it involves close interaction with tourists and local residents.

Other options

Cyprus also offers vacancies for rotational and contract work:

  • Nanny. Working with children in private families.
  • Housekeeper. Housekeeping and cooking.
  • Builder. Jobs in the construction industry.
  • Nurse. Care for the elderly.

Contract positions may include occupations such as dancers, waiters, nurses, cooks and agricultural workers.

Whether you are looking for temporary holiday work or seasonal employment, Cyprus offers many opportunities for expats in a variety of sectors. Moreover, working on this beautiful island can be not only a way to earn money, but also a unique experience in an interesting and diverse international environment.

Official employment procedure

Cyprus is not only a popular holiday destination, but also an attractive destination for foreign workers seeking new career opportunities. Official employment in Cyprus requires compliance with certain procedures and criteria. Let’s look at what steps you need to take to legally work on this beautiful island.

  1. Search for an employer. The first step to official employment in Cyprus is to find an employer. This could be a local company or organization willing to provide you with a work opportunity.
  2. Concluding an employment contract: After finding an employer, you should conclude an employment contract with him. This document will be the basis for obtaining a visa and work permit on the island.
  3. Submission of documents. The employer must submit a package of documents required to obtain a work permit to the local migration service office.
  4. Applying for a work visa. If the decision from the migration service is positive, the employer will send you a completed package of documents, which you will use to apply for a work visa at the Cyprus Embassy in your country.
  5. Obtaining a work visa. After reviewing your application at the embassy and a positive decision, you will be issued a work visa, which will allow you to legally work in Cyprus.

On the official website of the Migration Department you can find frequently asked questions and answers to these questions:

Types of work permits

The type of work permit depends on your intended activity and professional skills:

A – for agriculture. Designed for individuals who intend to engage in self-employed farming.

B – for the mining industry. For workers planning to become self-employed in mining enterprises.

C – for trade and specialized work. Allows you to work in certain professions or trades.

D – for scientists. For researchers and scientific workers who are not employed.

E – for contract work. Most immigrants looking for work in Cyprus will need option “E”.

Categories that do not require a work permit

There is a category of citizens who do not need to obtain a work permit in Cyprus, including EU citizens, volunteers, exchange students, refugees, as well as famous figures in science and art.

List of main documents

To apply for a work visa in Cyprus you will need the following set of documents:

  1. Completed application in the prescribed form.
  2. Passport and its photocopies.
  3. 2 color photographs 3×4 cm.
  4. Medical insurance and medical certificate.
  5. A document confirming no criminal record.
  6. A copy of the employment contract with the employer, certified by the seal of the Cyprus Ministry of Labor.
  7. Receipt of payment of the visa fee.

Applying for a work visa

An application for a work visa will take up to three months to process. A work visa can be issued both outside of Cyprus and when the employee is already in Cyprus. A work visa is issued for one year with the possibility of extension. The cost of obtaining a work visa is 270 euros.

Candidate selection criteria

Official employment in Cyprus requires compliance with strict criteria and procedures. Understanding these nuances can make the process of obtaining a work visa and extending it smoother and more successful. Let’s take a closer look at the key aspects of qualifying for and extending a work visa on this wonderful Mediterranean island.

Selection criteria:

  • Health status. Candidates wishing to work in Cyprus must be in good health and free from infectious diseases such as AIDS, tuberculosis and syphilis.
  • Education and experience. The candidate’s qualifications, professional experience and education play an important role in the selection process. Having specialized skills can improve your chances of getting a work visa.
  • No criminal record. Candidates must have no criminal record either in their home country or in the European Union.
  • A profession in short supply. Having a profession in demand in Cyprus can significantly increase the likelihood of successful selection.
  • Language skills. Knowledge of English and Greek may be key when considering your candidacy.
  • Employment contract and financial viability of the employer. The employer must provide you with an employment contract and prove its financial ability to pay you at least the industry average.

More details can be found on the official website of the Department of Civil Registration and Migration

Work visa extension

To extend a work visa in Cyprus, the employer must contact the Migration Department. The procedure includes the following steps:

  1. Preparation of documents. Before applying, you must prepare a package of documents, including an extended contract, and provide proof of payment of taxes. Extension of a work contract occurs through the Ministry of Labor.
  2. Filling out an application. At this stage, you must complete an application to extend your work visa and attach all the necessary documents to it.
  3. Submitting an application for a visa extension at the appropriate agency.
  4. Consideration of the application. The application will be reviewed and the employer will be given a decision to extend the work visa.
  5. Payment of the fee. At this stage, you must pay the visa extension fee, which is 130 euros.

Features of internship in the country

Recent changes in legislation allow students to seek internship opportunities in Cyprus. It doesn’t matter where you study – in the republic or abroad. However, knowledge of the Greek language is required to complete the internship.

If you are interested in an internship in Cyprus, you can search for offers on various resources such as Learn4Good, PwC, KMPG, CO Overseas and These internship programs can provide you with unique experiences and the opportunity to combine work and play.

Internships in Cyprus can last from several months to two years and provide students with the opportunity to work in a variety of industries, including finance, economics, office management, tourism, restaurant and hotel business.

Consequences for attempting illegal employment

In Cyprus, as in most countries, illegal employment has serious consequences for workers and employers. This island, with its excellent climate and high income level, attracts many labor migrants from the post-Soviet space. However, many of them risk their fate by trying to get a job illegally.

The main negative aspects of illegal employment are:

  1. Deportation and inclusion of an employee in the stop list. People caught working illegally are subject to deportation from the island. In addition, their names may be included in a special list (stop list), which means that they are prohibited from entering Cyprus in the future.
  2. Fines for employers. Employers who illegally employ foreign workers face heavy fines. According to Cyprus law, fines can reach 3,000 euros for each illegal worker.

Why do Russian migrants choose Cyprus?

Cyprus attracts a huge number of Russian migrants, and there are several good reasons for this trend:

  1. Stability and high level of income. A stable economy and high income level make Cyprus an attractive place to live and work. Here you can be confident in the future.
  2. Cultural characteristics. Cyprus is known for its unique culture and gastronomic traditions. Russians who love good food find something in this country that attracts them.
  3. Opportunities for career growth. Cyprus offers many career opportunities. Russian migrants can find work in various fields, from tourism to business.
  4. Variety of vacancies. The island provides employment for both locals and visitors. Work in Cyprus for immigrants is mainly related to the tourism industry, but over time, more attractive employment options are emerging.
  5. Favorable conditions for business. Cyprus has the status of an offshore zone, which makes it an attractive place for entrepreneurs. Here you can open your own business with a minimal tax burden. Cyprus provides many opportunities to start your own business. From bars and restaurants to hotels and auto repair shops, here you can realize your entrepreneurial ideas.

Russian migrants find in Cyprus not only work, but also new opportunities for their future. But it is important to remember that illegal employment can undermine all plans and lead to serious consequences. Therefore, it is best to follow the laws and regulations when searching for and applying for a job on this beautiful island.


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