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What is the average salary in Cyprus?

What is the average salary in Cyprus?

In search of better opportunities and higher salaries, many job seekers from different countries are considering working abroad. One of the attractive options for working and earning money is the island of Cyprus, which actively invites foreign workers to participate in various sectors of the economy.

The island of Cyprus is particularly attractive to job seekers from the former CIS countries, as there is a high demand for workers in the service and tourism sectors. Russian-speaking tourists often visit Cyprus, which creates an additional need for specialists who speak Russian. This opens up excellent employment opportunities for foreign workers in various sectors of the island economy.

Cypriot standard of living

Residents of Cyprus often live in abundance. Including real estate, the average Cypriot is said to be at least three times wealthier than the average German.

The high standard of living on the island is due to the following factors:

  1. High level of wages. Average salaries in Cyprus are relatively high, which allows the island’s residents to maintain a decent standard of living.
  2. Moderate pricing policy. Cyprus has relatively reasonable prices for goods and services, which contributes to a comfortable lifestyle.
  3. Available vacancies. Cyprus provides many job opportunities, allowing locals and foreign workers to find work that suits their skills and experience.

Those who just come to Cyprus on holiday often perceive this island as an ideal place to live, but often forget that living and relaxing are completely different things. Cyprus certainly creates a feeling of carefree life for tourists. However, local residents work tirelessly to provide their families with everything they need.

One of the key reasons locals place emphasis on labor is prices. In Cyprus, prices for many goods and services are the same as in Moscow, despite the excellent quality, in particular, of local products.

Minimum wages

Until 2023, no official minimum wage was established in Cyprus. However, minimum wages were in effect for certain categories of unskilled workers. For example, cleaners and security guards could expect a salary of 4.90 euros per hour or 870 euros per month. After six months of working for one employer, these rates could increase.

There were also minimum wages for salespeople, nursing assistants, clerks, hairdressers and nannies. For unskilled agricultural workers and asylum seekers, food, housing and special rates (425 euros) were provided. Experienced professionals employed in the agricultural sector have a guaranteed salary level, which starts from 767 euros per month (excluding food and accommodation). Moreover, it is possible for migrants to earn hourly income in Cyprus, and depending on their qualifications and luck, they can receive from five to eight euros or even more for every hour worked.

It is important to note that from the beginning of 2023 the official minimum wage in Cyprus is €885 and rises to €940 after six months of working for the same employer.

Exceptions to the general rule apply to certain areas of employment, such as shipping, domestic work and agriculture. According to the agreement between the parties, if the employer provides food and/or accommodation to its employees, a certain percentage of the minimum wage is allowed to be deducted. Specifically, 15% of the minimum can be deducted in the case of providing food, and 10% in the case of providing accommodation.

Salary levels in Cyprus can vary significantly depending on location and position. Having a college degree and work experience can significantly increase your salary. However, finding the right job can take time and effort.

Cyprus remains an attractive destination for labor migration due to its opportunities for professional growth and comfortable standard of living.

Average salaries

According to the Republican Statistical Service, the average salary in Cyprus at the end of 2022 was 2,039 euros per month. This is, however, an average, and it is important to remember that a third of the working local population earns around €1,000 per month, and migrants tend to earn even less.

It must be borne in mind that when hiring for any position, employers usually name the total salary, including taxes. Therefore, when discussing the terms of employment, it is important to clarify how much the employee will receive in clean hands.

In Cyprus you can live relatively comfortably, receiving a minimum income. However, in order to afford the luxury of various entertainment and significant purchases, you will have to make additional efforts. Earning, on average, from 1300 €, you can count on a more comfortable lifestyle. A family of three will live well on a salary of about 2,000 € per month.

For skilled workers

For those with specialized skills or experience in skilled trades, there are opportunities to earn higher salaries. Professionals such as engineers, chefs, hotel managers, mechanics, accountants, and designers can expect a salary of 1,500 to 2,000 € per month and even more. In some cases, wages for qualified workers can reach 4,000 € per month.

Without knowledge of the language

For migrants who do not speak the local language, finding a job can be difficult, but not impossible. There are many Russian-speaking residents in Cyprus, which creates a need for Russian-speaking specialists. Popular average salary professions available without knowledge of the local language may be:

  1. Beauty industry employees.
  2. Builder’s assistants.
  3. Dishwashers.
  4. Sellers of Russian products in Russian stores.
  5. Gardener’s assistants.
  6. Cleaners and many others.

To achieve a good salary without knowing the language, you may have to work intensively with one day off a week and 9 hours a day. In this case, you can count on a monthly salary of about 1100-1400 €.

Salaries of representatives of different professions

Name of specialtyMonthly salary (euros)
Sellers       860
Secretaries in the office850
Secretaries (with knowledge of Greek, English)1000
Promoters, cleaners, bartenders, waiters900–1000
Doctors (1300 registered patients)9000–9500
Doctors (870 registered patients)8000–8500
Air traffic controllers10,000–11,000
Chef’s assistants700
Reception staff1100
Spa managers1100
Members of Parliament4000
Head of the country13,500
School teachers2000
System administrators2500

In Cyprus, salaries below 800 euros per month are considered low, which makes them unattractive for local residents.

In-demand professions for immigrants in Cyprus

Cyprus, an island of beauty and opportunity, attracts not only tourists, but also talented people from all over the world who are ready to contribute to the development of the country. If you are thinking about moving and looking for work in Cyprus, then it will be useful for you to know what professions are in demand here for immigrants.

1. Service sector.

As you know, Cyprus is a popular holiday destination for tourists, and the service sector here is always looking for qualified employees. You can consider vacancies in restaurants, hotels and cafes. You can even get a job at a car rental company. It is worth noting that you should not count on a high salary in this industry right away, but this is an excellent way to provide for yourself for the first time.

The average salary in the service sector is about 1000-1100 euros per month in the cities of Paphos and Nicosia. In Limassol, the island’s business center, starting salaries can be higher and range from 1,400 euros. It is important to remember that choosing a city to live and work depends on your preferences and budget.

2. Government organizations.

It should be noted that work in government organizations is not available to foreigners in Cyprus, even if you have citizenship of the Republic of Cyprus. Some special professions, such as firefighters, police officers or military personnel, have restrictions. To be eligible for such positions, it is necessary to graduate from a Cypriot school and meet other requirements.

When moving to Cyprus, it is important to take this feature into account and choose a profession that is accessible to foreigners.

Ultimately, choosing the right profession and city to work in Cyprus can make your move successful and comfortable. Be prepared to start with small steps and your efforts can lead to a bright future on this beautiful island.

Unemployment rate in Cyprus: trends and social support

As of 2023, the unemployment rate in Cyprus is 7.1%. It is important to note that this value may vary depending on seasonality. With the start of the tourist season, new jobs appear, and in some areas there begins to be a shortage of employees.

The service industry, including work in hotels, restaurants, cafes and entertainment venues, often provides opportunities for immigrants. These places are popular among foreign workers, especially during tourist seasons.

Social support and unemployment benefits

For those who are temporarily unemployed in Cyprus, social support measures are provided. However, it is important to note that social security benefits are only available to those who were officially employed. This means that persons with official work experience can qualify for social support in the event of dismissal.

Pensioners from European Union countries who have lived on the island for a certain amount of time are also entitled to some social security benefits.

Every foreigner who is officially employed can contact the social security department to obtain an insurance number. This number guarantees the right to many benefits, including unemployment benefits. To receive such benefits, you must make contributions to the social insurance system for at least six months.

Unemployment benefits are paid for 156 days to citizens under 63 years of age. The benefit amount is 60% of the insured income received in the previous year. Half of the average salary is added to this amount if it exceeds the base salary for the previous year. If you find a job, your benefits stop. However, if you need support again and you work another six months after deregistration, you can reapply for benefits.

Who is eligible for unemployment benefits in Cyprus?

In Cyprus, the support system for unemployed citizens is developed quite generously, but it necessarily requires the fulfillment of certain conditions in order to receive benefits. Here’s who is eligible for unemployment benefits in 2023:

  1. Citizens without permanent employment. People who are temporarily unemployed can count on benefits.
  2. Partially employed persons without sufficient income. If your income does not reach the poverty level, you are also entitled to benefits.
  3. Persons registered as unemployed. Citizens registered with the Department of Labor as unemployed have the right to social support.
  4. Persons who do not suffer from diseases that interfere with employment. This is another important condition for receiving benefits.

To qualify for unemployment benefits, you must have been a legal resident of Cyprus for more than 5 years and have contributed to the Social Security Fund during this period.

Training and support

Cyprus provides various educational programs for citizens, foreigners and Russian-speaking citizens who are looking for a new professional field. The training can include up to 90 hours of study, and upon completion the state pays an amount not exceeding the established minimum wage.

It is important to remember that rules and requirements may change over time and it is always best to check with the Cyprus Labor Department or official websites for the latest information. Unemployment can be caused by a variety of circumstances, and knowing the rules for receiving unemployment benefits can be an important tool in maintaining financial stability during unpredictable times.

Tax system in Cyprus: advantages and features

The tax system in Cyprus is characterized by a high degree of loyalty to taxpayers. This is especially true for salary income tax, which depends on the amount of earnings. Here are the main points:

  • For income exceeding 60,000 euros per year, the income tax rate is 35%.
  • If the annual income does not exceed 19,500 euros (or about 1,510 euros per month), no salary tax is charged.
  • In intermediate income ranges the following rates apply: 20% (for income from 19.5 to 28.0 thousand euros), 25% (for income from 28.0 to 36.3 thousand euros), 30% (for income from 36.3 to 60.0 thousand euros).

Foreigners who move to Cyprus for permanent residence can expect partial tax exemption for the first three years. They are exempt from paying tax on a fifth of their income, but the maximum portion of non-taxable income must not exceed €8,550.

Who is considered a tax resident

In Cyprus, a tax resident is considered to be a person who stays on the island for 183 or more days in a calendar year. This is an important rule and it determines who is liable to pay taxes in Cyprus.

Taxes on profits and other types of income

In Cyprus, income tax is levied every year during the reporting period. It is important to note that income tax applies to income of both individuals and legal entities. Individuals running a business are required to file an income tax return themselves if their income exceeds a specified minimum. For officially employed persons, this process is carried out by the employer.

For individuals, the income tax rate is 35%, and for legal entities – only 12.5%, which makes the island especially attractive for business.

When selling local real estate, a 20% tax is charged, which is calculated as a capital gain.

VAT in Cyprus is 19% and applies to products and services. However, there is a minimum rate of 5% for certain types of goods and services.

Property taxes and other payments

A mandatory payment imposed on all property owners is property tax. This tax is levied regardless of the size of the ownership share and averages between 320 and 400 euros per year.

In addition to the main taxes, there are additional taxes in Cyprus, such as taxes on change of ownership, on dividends and on cars.

The Cyprus tax system provides many benefits and incentives for taxpayers, making the island an attractive place to live and do business. However, before deciding to move or operate a business in Cyprus, it is always recommended to consult a tax expert to fully understand the tax obligations.

Exceptions from taxable amounts

There are certain exceptions regarding taxable income in Cyprus. The following expenses are not tax deductible:

  1. Charity. Donations and charitable contributions are tax-deductible.
  2. Participation in trade union institutions. If you are a member of a union and pay dues, these amounts are also tax-free.
  3. Contributions to reserve funds. Any funds allocated to reserve or investment funds are also not taken into account when calculating income taxes.

What salary do you need to earn to live comfortably?

Cyprus, with its warm climate and beautiful scenery, attracts many people, and it is not surprising that many wonder what salary is needed to live comfortably on this island. The answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including your needs and professional skills. Let’s look into the details.

One of the key points influencing your comfortable life in Cyprus is your profession and the corresponding salary. There is a variety of jobs on the island and salaries can vary significantly.

For example, if you are considering a job as an animator in the tourism sector, then the average salary could be around 1000 euros per month. This amount may be enough for you if you are willing to live modestly and enjoy the delights of the island.

However, for those who have professions in demand in Cyprus, there are great opportunities to earn higher salaries. For example, the salary of a deputy on the island can reach almost 50 thousand euros per year. This, of course, does not take into account various additional benefits and payments, such as payment for secretaries and business travel.

Cost of food:

Product nameVolumeCost (EUR, including VAT)
Milk0.9 l1.2
Yogurt0.4 l1.5 and above
Cheese (similar to cottage cheese)1.0 kg4.0–6.0
Minced pork1.0 kg        3.8-5.3
Mutton1.0 kg8.0–10.0
Beef (tenderloin)1.0 kg9.0
Rice0.5 kg1.1–1.9
Sugar1.0 kg1.2–2.0
Pasta0.5 kg1.0–2.2
Olive oil0.5 l5.0
Eggs10 pieces.2.0
Infant formula0.5 kg2.50
Squid1.0 kg8.0
Trout1.0 kg11.50
Octopus fresh1 kg10.00
Beer (bottle)0.5 l1.3–2.8
Wine           (bottle)0.7 l3.5–7.2
Potatoes, onions, beets, carrots, watermelons, oranges, cabbage1.0 kg0.40–0.60
Mango, fresh cucumbers, pepper1.0 kg2.0–3.0
Cherries1.0 kg7.0
Lunch for two in a cafe 50.0

Secrets of saving on groceries

In addition to salary, it is important to consider food costs. Grocery prices vary, and there are some helpful tips to help you save on food:

  1. Keep an eye on promotions in supermarkets. Many supermarkets regularly offer products on promotions, which allows you to save up to 35-40% on purchases.
  2. Buy vegetables and fruits at the market. Summer is the season for vegetables and fruits, and it is best to purchase them from the markets, where they are fresh and available at lower prices.
  3. Avoid packaged meats. Meat products packaged in vacuum containers can cost two or even five times more than fresh meat.

Features of job search in Cyprus

There are two main employment options in Cyprus: seasonal and permanent work. Regardless of the option you choose, you should note that you will need a visa and a suitable vacancy to work on the island.


Full time job

Professionals with certain skills and professions can easily find permanent work in Cyprus. Teachers, teachers, electronics specialists, medical professionals, programmers and accountants are always in demand and can expect a salary of 1,500 euros and more.

Seasonal work

Seasonal work is often related to tourism and service. It may include working in hotels, restaurants, cafes and other places that provide the comfort of vacationers. If you are planning to work seasonally, it is recommended that you start your search early, as processing all the necessary documents, including a visa, may take some time.

It is important to note that without knowledge of English, your maximum monthly remuneration could be 600–700 euros. However, knowing English significantly increases your chances of getting hired and can increase your salary by 300–400 euros or even more.

There are several ways to find a job in Cyprus in 2023:

  1. Distribution of resumes. Send your resume to companies you would like to work for. It is better to write your resume in Greek or English.
  2. Through friends.
  3. Website of the Ministry of Labor of Cyprus. Visit the vacancies section on the official website of the Cyprus Ministry of Labor.
  4. Groups and chats in messengers. There are chat rooms and groups where job vacancies are posted.
  5. Social media. Many companies also post job openings on social media.
  6. Employment agencies. There are several agencies in Cyprus that specialize in employment and help foreigners find work.
  7. Websites of Cypriot companies. Many large Cypriot companies have their own websites where they post vacancies.
  8. European portal EURES. You can find vacancies in the European Union on the website eures . europa . eu .

Knowing Greek can be your key to a well-paid job in Cyprus. Taking the time to learn the language can guarantee you a more successful adaptation to the island and access to jobs that pay well.

Cyprus provides a variety of employment opportunities and your salary will depend on many factors including qualifications, experience, and knowledge of the local language. Regardless of your status, conscious planning and expense management will help you enjoy life on this beautiful island.


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