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Important projects are being completed within 2022 in the Paphos district

Important projects are being completed within 2022 in the Paphos district


According to Mayor of Paphos District Mary Lambrou, the Paphos District Administration is moving ahead with important projects that will be completed in the second half of this year.

While several projects are ongoing and/or ongoing in 2023, Ms. Lambrou listed the most important projects that are at an advanced stage and will be completed in the coming months of 2022. For example, according to her, the construction of sports facilities in the existing youth hostel in the former elementary school Trakhipedoulas amounted to 429,648 euros.

He also mentioned the transformation of the old primary school in Mesana into a Cultural Center at a cost of 373,318 euros, the reconstruction of the Agia Paraskevi square and streets in Stroumbi at a cost of 595,148 euros, the reconstruction and beautification of the core of Ghiolos, phase A , at a cost of 458,522 euros, and the configuration of the Meteoron zone Episkopi, phase C, costing €372,867.

In addition, Ms. Lambrou also mentioned the regeneration of the core of Panagia, phase B, at a cost of around 452,215 euros. Significantly, he referred to projects that have recently been completed, such as the conversion of the former SPE building in Galataria into an active recreation center for the elderly at a cost of €113,900 plus VAT, the decoration and beautification of Mandrio Square at a cost of €764,990 plus VAT, and the Regional the Akamas Museum of Geology and Paleontology in Pano Arodes, worth about 520,000 euros or more .

According to the Paphos district, within the framework of the approved state budget loans related to the Paphos district administration, several beautification and other projects are ongoing, such as the renovation of squares and community centers, paving roads, the creation of public buildings for public benefit, an exhibition . p space, etc. but also infrastructural projects such as improvement of roads managed by the district administration (the main road arteries belong to the Department of Public Works), flood protection projects, retaining walls, etc.

Projects are carried out after proper study and preparation, mainly after requesting tenders, while smaller infrastructure projects are carried out by provincial administration teams, he said. The goal is to improve the quality of life of rural residents, create conditions for new jobs, and curb urbanization in combination with other incentives from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, he concluded.

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