The capital of Cyprus is unique. Indeed, today it is the only capital in the world, divided into two parts. A large neutral strip divides the city into two zones: Greek and Turkish. Each of them has its own culture, language and rules. Travelers have the right to move freely between the northern and southern parts of Nicosia, crossing the desert zone with abandoned houses. The city has museums recognized as one of the best in Europe. Rest and rest will bring ancient Byzantine baths located next to modern spa centers. The capital will gladly welcome workers of the professions in demand: doctors, IT-specialists or teachers. Life here is as active as in Limassol.

How to get to Nicosia

Unfortunately, the international airport in the capital has ceased to operate due to the division of the city. The airport is in the city of Larnaca, 46 km from Nicosia. You can choose another airport in Cyprus, for example – in the city of Paphos. It is located 152 km from Nicosia. Arriving, a tourist can reach the capital with almost any type of transport, for example: from any point on the island, he will quickly and comfortably deliver a taxi. At an average cost: from Larnaca – 73 euros, · from Paphos –125 euros, from Limassol –83 euros. The most budget way to get to Nicosia is by regular bus from Larnaca. Its cost is about 4 euros. Duration – 1 hour.

Nicosia Restaurants

The cuisine in Nicosia is distinguished by its abundance. Everyone can find a dish for every taste. For example, the most luxurious Kalymnos restaurant has become popular thanks to its excellent fish and seafood dishes. Fans of French cuisine should visit the Rimi Restaurant. A distinctive feature of the restaurant is that the tables of the institution are exposed on the street. You can enjoy the Cypriot national cuisine in a small family cafe in the old town called Orpheas. Restaurant Archontiko, which is located in the area, is a budget option that has maintained a high level of service.

Education in Nicosia

In the capital is one of the most prestigious universities in the Republic of Cyprus – the University of Cyprus. In addition, Nicosia has a private European University. As well as the correspondence Open University of Cyprus.

Shopping in Nicosia

The largest stores are located in Nicosia, as well as The Mall of Cyprus, at the very entrance to the city. You can buy designer clothes on the streets: Makarius, Stasikratu, Digeni Akrita. Surprisingly, clothes with brands such as Louis Vuitton and Hermes can only be bought in Nicosia.


The monumental building, rightfully considered one of the most beautiful, is the Archbishop’s Palace. On its territory there are several museums, such as: the Byzantine Museum of Folk Art, where you can plunge into the history of the island and the Art Gallery.

Real estate in Nicosia

Real estate in Nicosia is a large selection of secondary and primary housing, optimal prices and favorable credit offers. This city has comfortable conditions for both temporary stay and permanent residence. Buying a house in Nicosia in Cyprus is a profitable investment, because housing in this area is in demand, and prices are rising.

Property in Nicosia

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