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Offices for rent in Limassol, Cyprus

Offices for rent in Limassol, Cyprus

The Mediterranean Sea, favorable climate and friendly locals are not all that attracts Cyprus. The island nation is a great place to do business. This is confirmed: every year, residents of other countries choose Cyprus as a platform for work and development of their business. Coming up with a unique product or service, choosing a niche in business is only half the battle. One of the main tasks is to purchase or rent an office in Cyprus. It should be a comfortable working environment and also fit within your budget. And one of the options in Cyprus, which is rightfully considered the business center of the island, is Limassol. This city is a great place to find and rent your office.

Rent an office in Cyprus: choose a suitable room in Limassol

Before you start looking for an office in Limassol, we recommend that you decide in advance on the desired size of the office, its location, the presence or absence of additional premises. Also, many tenants and buyers pay attention to the design of the premises. They strive to find a neat, bright space, because the environment directly affects the employee’s performance. The location of the office is also inextricably linked with transport accessibility and infrastructure. It is very important that employees can easily get to the place of work, and visitors can easily find your company in Limassol.

Office in Limassol: what determines the price per square meter

Renting an office space in Limassol is an opportunity to realize your business ideas.The price per square meter of commercial real estate depends on the following factors:

  • Demand for real estate. Yes, this is one of the main factors. It affects the pricing of the rental value per square meter of real estate. Experience has shown that neither the pandemic nor other economic situations are able to displace the office lifestyle. On the contrary, many international companies are actively relocating to Cyprus. As a result, there is an active involvement of local residents as employees – and as a result, new office premises are required in Limassol and in Cyprus in general.
  • Location. Limassol is an attractive place to do business. This lively city with a developed infrastructure attracts thousands of tourists every year. Here, the cost of rent will depend on the area in which the property is located, the remoteness of the premises from the coastline and the city center. When renting an office in Limassol, it should be taken into account that the more prestigious the area, the higher the cost of rent. Being in the city center or near the sea increases the cost of renting/purchasing an office by 30-40%.
  • Condition of the premises. As a rule, the cost of renting an office in Cyprus in newly built buildings is much higher than in the secondary fund. In the catalog of offices on our website you will find many options for rent in Limassol in modern premises with an unusual design and appearance of buildings, with panoramic windows and new furniture. At the same time, there are many more budget options of good quality.
  • The size.The rental price should be profitable for the landlord and attractive for the tenant. Therefore, before renting an office in Limassol, study the floor plan. It is possible that the rent is calculated taking into account additional facilities, such as kitchen areas, server rooms, lounges, verandas, etc. If you do not plan to use these facilities, then you can consider other options so as not to overpay.

Buying and renting offices in Limassol: trust the professionals

Why should you seek professional help when choosing an office in Limassol? The answer is obvious: experienced realtors will help you choose the office where you and your employees will work comfortably. The comprehensive assistance of a real estate agency is the selection of options in Limassol and other cities of Cyprus according to your requests, an appointment for viewing and the conclusion of a lease / purchase transaction without pitfalls.

You can study the offers of offices on our website, as well as ask us any question. Comfort and convenience are the main components of high labor productivity. Contact the real estate agency for free help and we will select the most suitable option for you.

Offices for sale in Limassol


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