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Yianis Christodoulou Foundation: Grants of €370,000 for 15 new projects

Yianis Christodoulou Foundation: Grants of €370,000 for 15 new projects


The Janis Christodoulou Foundation (YCF), founded by Mr. John Christodoulou in 2016, is proud to announce the sponsorship of 15 new projects in Cyprus with a total value of €370,000. The projects are related to the maintenance and modernization of the infrastructure of several public schools in Cyprus. Sponsorship includes, among other things, the purchase of new school equipment, special software, building infrastructure, and commitments to cover the costs of small-scale construction of school blocks.

Part of the amount associated with the announced sponsorship was raised at a charity gala dinner, which was successfully organized by the Foundation on July 8, 2021 in Limassol. The amount of 300,000 euros raised during the charity event is distributed accordingly to all public schools with special needs in Cyprus to meet their individual needs. Thus, the Yiannis Christodoulou Foundation (YCF), having received the approval of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Youth, is now ready to start various projects.

It is worth noting that each of the 9 special schools has been allocated 33,333 euros to cover the following needs:

➢ Special School for Evangelism (Nicosia) – Construction of a steel roof at the entrance to the school to protect students from rain and sun.

➢ Nicosia Special School (Nicosia ) – Construction of a brand new de-escalation room that will provide students with a safe environment to relieve tension and stress in order to return to a state of calm.

➢ School for the Deaf (Nicosia) – Procurement of professional electrical appliances to equip the school’s new vocational cooking workshop, which aims to help deaf students enter the labor market.

➢ School for the Blind (Nicosia) – Modernization of the outdoor playing field with the purchase and installation of a special universal sports floor.

➢ St. Spyridon Special School (Larnaca) – Procurement and installation of InnoWalk Pro, a robotic treatment and rehabilitation system that allows children with severe physical disabilities to stand and move, making movement safe with an even distribution of their weight.

➢ Apostolos Varnavas Special School (Liopetri Famagusta) – Modernization of the teaching and learning facilities of the school, combined with the renewal of physical education and occupational therapy programs with the acquisition of new robotic educational equipment and software.

➢ Apostolos Loukas Special School (Limesos) – Modernization of the therapeutic departments of the school with the purchase and installation of new equipment such as assistive technology.

➢ Red Cross Children’s Hospital Special School (Limesos) – Procurement of new equipment to improve services provided to children with SEN and children with disabilities.

➢ Theoskepasti Special School (Paphos) – Upgrading the appearance of the school and installing new floors and equipment.

In addition to the above, YCF recently completed three other €50,000 projects that support public schools and community programs for children living in disadvantaged areas:

v Aglantzias High School (Nicosia) €21,568 for the purchase and installation of a universal outdoor basketball court flooring.

v Kaimakli After School Club (Nicosia) €10,000 to upgrade the playground with the purchase and installation of safe floors and outdoor equipment.

v Iamatiki Eptagonia Full Day Elementary School (Limessou) €18,564 for an upgrade in home economics.

The aforementioned latest donation was made in the context of efforts to help those affected by the negative effects of the fires in Limassol. With the installation of a new kitchen with new professional equipment, the school is now fully equipped so that it can offer home-cooked meals to all the children in the area severely affected by the fires.

YCF will also support three more projects worth over €20,000 dedicated to children in need in the coming months:

➢ Public Kindergarten (Aletriko) (€5,000) for the purchase and installation of a safe floor in the school playground.

➢ Royal McDonalds House (€6,350) for the purchase and installation of new kitchen appliances. Families of children who will be hospitalized for a long time will live in the house.

➢ Kaimakli After School Club for a kitchen refurbishment in collaboration with Kyrenia Navy Club – Masters Section, which organized a fundraising event last November.

Completion of works will be marked by special celebratory events in the presence of the founder of the foundation, Mr. John Christodoulou. It is expected that Mr. Christian Moore, the son of the famous actor Roger Moore, who was actively involved in the charity event in Limassol, will be present and participate in the celebrations.

The selection of funded projects is related to the mission of the YCF Foundation, which aims to provide support and assistance to a number of schools and communities that need to modernize their educational and educational institutions for the benefit of children. In the words of the founder himself, “helping and empowering children is the main priority of the Janis Christodoulou Foundation, as our future depends on them.”

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