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WiRE: Successful raising of funds by investors

WiRE: Successful raising of funds by investors


WiRE, a Cyprus fintech company providing dynamic real estate data across Europe, today announced the completion of its investment cycle. The innovative company has attracted investments of around 1 million euros from institutional and private investors from Cyprus, Europe and the USA, which is one of the largest ever achieved by a start-up company from Cyprus. WiRE helps real estate investors, financial institutions, insurance companies, and household product companies collect, compare, and analyze data from multiple sources, including government databases, and combine it with dynamic satellite data.

Through a process of dedicated presentations, WiRE was able to attract the interest of institutional and private investors from Cyprus, Europe and the United States of America, who supported her vision for greater transparency and the development of a unified real estate information platform.

The company stands out for its innovative approach and the collection of data from various sources that have different but complementary characteristics of the real estate market, such as geography, size, age, etc., but also geology, hydrology, environmental hazards, natural disasters, etc. The data is combined with dynamic images and analysis from the European Space Agency’s satellite network and is available through a range of application planning interfaces (APIs) and consumer products. WiRE clients include insurance companies, banks, real estate investors, supermarkets, etc.who use this data and tools to make better decisions, increase revenue and reduce operating costs.

“The trust that has been placed in us by important investment institutions such as insurance companies, listed companies, etc., as well as prominent entrepreneurs with deep knowledge of the subject, is for us the best proof that the vision and plans we are implementing , are something the needs of many market players and lays the foundation for expansion outside of Cyprus,” comments WiRE CEO Pavlos Loizu. “We use technology to collect, analyze and enrich various data sources in an innovative way. Our goal is to put all this property data across Europe on one platform, to keep our platform open to companies and the public, to provide transparency and lay the groundwork for new applications,” explained Pavlos Loizou.

WiRE aims to become a strategic partner for investors, banking institutions, insurance companies and household service providers by transforming data and creating a profile of every property in all European countries. WiRE innovates in many areas such as lending, land management, insurance and marketing with flexible analytics solutions.

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