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Where is the best place to buy property in Cyprus?

Where is the best place to buy property in Cyprus?

The Republic of Cyprus is a country that is distinguished by a developed economic system, high population growth (it increases annually) and a favorable climate. This is the place that combines everything you need for a comfortable life. If you decide to buy property in Cyprus, we recommend that you use our advice, which will be discussed below.

Nicosia, Limassol, Larnaca, Paphos: where to look for housing in Cyprus?

Cyprus is an attractive place for those who wish to obtain a residence permit and become a citizen of this country in the future. Foreign companies choose the Republic of Cyprus (Southern Cyprus) to carry out their activities. But what location to choose, so as not to miscalculate with the decision?

Where is the best place to buy property in Cyprus – Nicosia

The capital of Cyprus and one of the most popular locations among buyers. The city center and the districts of Strovolos and Aglanja are well developed, with infrastructure that meets all the requirements of modern life. Here are objects that are put into operation, as well as options under construction.
Most of the historical sights are located here, there is no crime, there are no problems with water.

Where is the best place to buy property in Cyprus – Limassol

This is one of the largest cities in Cyprus. Not only the business center of the country, but also a modern investment platform. In Limassol, there are many real estate objects, the height of which exceeds twelve-story houses. By the standards of Limassol, they can be called skyscrapers.

The most demanded apartments are located in modern residential complexes. If you are wondering “Where to look for housing in Cyprus?”, then feel free to choose this location, because the demand for real estate in Limassol is increasing every year.

Limassol is distinguished by the fact that it is the most modern and advanced location. It attracts investors who seek to invest in projects implemented here. There are also many immigrants in Limassol. There are educational institutions in which children are taught in different languages. Employees of shops, cafes and restaurants are also fluent in the language. Limassol is famous for its modern infrastructure and various events. Various festivals and holidays are held here.

This city is also distinguished by a rather high cost of residential real estate. The price of apartments in the center of Limassol starts from €4,000 per m2. The most popular apartments are located in modern residential complexes.

Where is the best place to buy property in Cyprus – Larnaca

If you decide to settle in the southeast of Cyprus, we recommend that you take a closer look at the city of Larnaca. The atmosphere of this place is quiet and calm.

Larnaca is a resort that has a special atmosphere of peace and tranquility. It is distinguished from other locations by a special flavor. Here you can not only drink a cup of delicious coffee, take a walk along the coast, but also see the ancient churches that are located in the Old Town. The resort is different in that it is not full of tourists. There are practically none. Larnaca is chosen by pensioners, as well as Cypriots who live abroad, and come to Cyprus to relax. Larnaca is also famous for having a picturesque underwater attraction off its coast, which can be seen with diving equipment. This is the Swedish ferry Zenobia, which sank in 1980.

It is also worth noting the value of real estate. It is much more attractive compared to Nicosia and Limassol (by about 50%). For example, the cost of a house with two bedrooms and a swimming pool starts from €120,000. An apartment with a terrace can also be purchased from €120,000. If you are looking for a modern two-story villa with a garden and a swimming pool, then its cost will start from €250,000.

If you are considering Larnaca as an investment, now is the best time. Several dozen new residential complexes will be built on the territory of the resort in the near future.

Where is the best place to buy property in Cyprus – Paphos

Paphos can be called a full-fledged city, where all the amenities that are necessary for living with a high level of comfort are presented. On the territory of the city there are shopping centers, modern clinics and schools, golf courses, twelve beaches. Buying property in Cyprus in this area is a smart investment in the future. Here you can buy a townhouse, a villa, as well as buy a house in Cyprus in the mountains. In the vicinity of Paphos is one of the memorable resorts of Cyprus – “Aphrodite Hills”.

If you are thinking where to buy an apartment in Paphos, consider Kato Paphos area among other options. Here is the property of any class.

Paphos is a city that was formed by British expats. The city can be conditionally divided into two opposite parts: the Old and the New City. The first location is popular among tourists for the presence of historical sights. A modern apartment with a stunning view from the window in Paphos can be bought from €140,000, from €200-250,000.

The best property in Cyprus: 5 criteria when choosing a home

We invite you to pay attention to 5 criteria that are important to consider when buying property in Cyprus:

Large and developed cities

Busy cities with developed infrastructure attract a large flow of people who want to buy housing. Local citizens and foreigners choose for themselves a cozy place with a high standard of living, not only in order to live and raise children, but also to study and realize themselves in the professional field. For this reason, the demand for rental and purchase of housing is growing every year, along with this, the cost of real estate is increasing.

Developed infrastructure

The Republic of Cyprus has two types of infrastructure – tourist and residential. Tourist is responsible for entertainment venues, cafes and restaurants, parks, attractions, yacht clubs, spas and more. Residential – these are social facilities: hospitals, kindergartens, educational institutions, banks and offices, gyms, etc.

First line of the sea

Real estate on the first line of the sea in Cyprus is the most popular among buyers compared to other options.This is due to the fact that the windows of the housing offer stunning views of the surroundings, the beach is within walking distance, and the residents are surrounded by fresh sea air.

Safe area with a good reputation

There is not only a landscaped area, always clean and well-developed infrastructure, but also a large selection of various activities – hobbies, sports, study. Vacationers and permanent residents in Cyprus should study the maps of the desired cities and regions to make sure that they will not be bored in a new place.

Buying property in Cyprus

Cyprus is one of the popular places where you can buy housing of any class: economy, comfort, business segment. Potential buyers can choose an option on the first coastline or give preference to options located in the center. If you decide to buy property in one of the following areas: Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca and Nicosia, we recommend that you seek the help of professionals. Fill out an application on the site and experienced specialists will select the property that will best meet all your wishes.


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