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What to buy in Cyprus: a house or an apartment?

What to buy in Cyprus: a house or an apartment?

We are answering, probably, the most difficult question of everyone who was thinking about moving to Cyprus: what to buy – a house or an apartment? In this article, we have collected all the arguments in favor of each of the options to help you buy property in Cyprus.

Let’s imagine a situation: you decided to buy a property by the sea. We calculated the budget and even chose a country – Cyprus. But even that’s not all, because now you need to decide: a house or an apartment. Difficult decision…

Cyprus property is diverse and you can easily choose the property that best suits your expectations and lifestyle. There will definitely not be problems with the lack of choice, so it is important to weigh the pros and cons of each of the options. The main thing is that you feel as comfortable as possible even being in a new country.

Apartment or house in Cyprus? True Answer

Unfortunately, neither in this article, nor anywhere else you will not find the exact answer. Both options are good and each is attractive in its own way. You can see this for yourself after reading the article.
The answer to the question under discussion lies in your preferences: in what is closer and more comfortable for you. And we will only try to direct you in the right direction to decide which property is better to buy in Cyprus. First, let’s look at the key advantages and disadvantages of each option.

Reasons to buy an apartment in Cyprus and reasons not to do it

Reasons to buy an apartment in Cyprus:

  • The most important thing is the cost. The difference in price between an apartment and a house is enormous. Sometimes the savings are millions of €.Buying an apartment in Cyprus is much more budgetary: even after the purchase, the apartment requires much less money. Apartment maintenance (utility payments and repair work) will be much cheaper and more affordable than maintaining a house. Therefore, first of all, buying an apartment in Cyprus is saving.
  • In addition, you do not have to take care of the house in which you live and its territory. Most often, this is done by the management company, it keeps the territory clean and proper.
  • If you are worried that by buying an apartment you are depriving yourself of proximity to the sea, this is in vain. Convenient location is a great advantage of apartment buildings, because they can be located both near the sea and in the center, and everything you need will always be nearby. Unlike country houses, apartment buildings are always surrounded by schools, beauty salons, clinics and everything you need for life.
  • When living in an apartment, especially on high floors, you can be satisfied with the main reason why many are so eager to move to the sea – to observe the magnificent views and nature of Cyprus. What could be better than to see the beauty every day, because of which you may have decided to change your place of residence?
  • It’s no secret that because of all these advantages, apartments are much more in demand than houses. High demand is the reason why you can easily not only buy an apartment in Cyprus, but also quickly sell it at the right time.

When considering real estate in Cyprus, you should also know the other side of the coin:

  • It is important to understand that you choose to live surrounded by other people – your neighbors.There is another life coming from all around you, so be prepared for that. Crying children, barking dogs, conversations and music that can disturb you not only during the day but also at night.
  • In addition, apartment buildings are often surrounded by many other external sources of noise. For example, construction sites, roads, nightclubs and more. So the apartment is definitely not for those who want peace and quiet life.
  • Even during the first viewing of a potential apartment, you should pay attention to the condition of the entrance. Otherwise, a dirty, uncleaned entrance can become the next problem of living in an apartment.
  • The areas adjacent to apartment buildings are not very large, so if you have a car, you may encounter a lack of parking spaces in the yard.
  • And finally, the apartment will have to be more “compact” – there is not as much space here as in your home. Bulky machinery and vehicles will take up a particularly large amount of space, and you will have to properly organize your limited storage space.

Or still buy a house in Cyprus? All for and against

Cyprus has not always had so many apartment buildings and skyscrapers. Until recently, you could only find small houses here. And one of these houses can now be yours! The purchase process will not be difficult, the most important thing is that there is plenty to choose from.

But before you buy a house in Cyprus, let’s look at all the pros and cons of this option:

From the advantages:

  • Unlike an apartment, absolute calm awaits you here. No neighbors, parties and family fights in the neighborhood. Peace and quiet at any time of the day. In addition, houses are often located far from the epicenter of urban noise sources.
  • Forget about saving space! It is worth buying a house in Cyprus even in order to feel freedom – not to be constrained by a small space. Large rooms and the surrounding area in addition will definitely not force you to crowd. Especially, it is in demand for large families.
  • Owning a home is also an advantage for all animal lovers. Here you can get even the biggest loud dog without embarrassment and fear that it will disturb someone.
  • Garden and swimming pool. The climate in Cyprus is great for growing plants in your own garden, which you can organize near your home. A private pool is a great solution to combat the heat.
  • Home is safe. You can equip the area with cameras and alarms. And the same dog will serve as additional protection for the house from uninvited guests.
  • And of course, here you can always easily park your car, and even more than one.If there is a garage on the territory of your house, then you can not worry about the condition of the car, regardless of weather conditions. Plus, it’s extra storage space.

Disadvantages of buying a house:

  • Unlike an apartment, buying a house in Cyprus is not cheap. This type of property will always be expensive, even after the purchase. Utility bills, decorating and other expenses can hit your wallet. Accordingly, prepare a large budget and plan for additional expenses for maintaining the house.
  • Having your own pool or garden is both an advantage of a home, but at the same time it is the reason why you will pay huge amounts for water.
  • Unfortunately, your home and developed infrastructure are two almost incompatible concepts. Private houses are located in remote parts of the city. And public transport in Cyprus is poorly developed. Therefore, if you do not have a car, you should think twice before buying a house.
  • And finally, you may regret choosing such a large area after the first cleaning. A huge area, many windows and the surrounding area … To remove all this is not an easy task.


As you may have noticed, buying a house in Cyprus is in many ways the opposite of buying an apartment. The advantages of one option are the weaknesses of the other. These two options seem to be at different poles, and the more difficult it is to make a decision.
If even after reading this article you still have difficulties and you do not know what to choose, then perhaps you should see everything with your own eyes. Buying a home in Cyprus is a serious step.Therefore, it is better to visit the options you like on your own and finally decide. Even if it requires additional time costs.
When you have many doubts and unresolved issues, you may just need expert advice. Contact an experienced real estate agency that will help you not to make a mistake. Moreover, despite its value, the services and consultations of the agency are free!


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