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What is the title deeds of real estate in Cyprus

What is the title deeds of real estate in Cyprus

The title deeds in Cyprus is the main document of the owner of a residential, commercial building or plot of land. Its other name is “certificate of registration of immovable property”.

The title deeds contains information about the registration of the owner, the area and location of the object, as well as the registration number in the Land Department of Cyprus. It establishes the right to possess the object, allows you to freely dispose of it.

There are properties in Cyprus that are being sold without a Title Deed because the seller was unable to obtain one. This can be for various reasons: problems with housing documents, redevelopment of premises (in order to receive a certificate, the actual layout must correspond to the project). If you buy an object without a title, then either, as the previous owner, you will not be able to get it, or you will have to plunge into paperwork to resolve problems with documents. At the moment, the issue of obtaining a certificate may not seem so important to you, but in the future you may have problems with the resale of housing or inheritance.

Title deeds of real estate in Cyprus: terms of registration

The buyer receives the title at the final stage of the sale and purchase transaction after the reservation of the object in the Land Committee of Cyprus and payment of the full price. The process of issuing a certificate takes an average of 1.5-2 years. The exact processing time depends on the type of property.

Secondary housing is issued to the new owner quickly – within an hour. If the building is under construction, the process may be delayed. In most cases, developers do not have a separate title deed for a new facility.Supervisory authorities issue a certificate only after the complete commissioning of the facility. For this, a detailed check is carried out, which can take 1-4 years. Until the title is obtained, the buyer’s right of ownership is guaranteed by the registration of the sales contract with the Land Department.

One object can have several Titles deeds- according to the number of former owners. The current owner of property in Cyprus is the one whose certificate is registered with the Land Committee of Cyprus last.
There are developers who pledge land to the bank in order to get a loan for construction. Then an apartment building or a private house is erected on the site, which are sold to residents. At the same time, at the time of the sale, the developer may still not have paid a loan to the bank for the land, and it may be in a mortgage. In this case, obtaining the Title will be problematic. In order not to get into such a situation, you need to contact a reliable real estate agency that cooperates only with trusted developers.

How much does it cost to get a title deeds in Cyprus

To transfer ownership, you must pay a tax – Transfer Fee. Its value depends on the price of the object. You can see the tax calculation here.

The Estate of Cyprus will help you find a suitable property and get a Title Deed in Cyprus quickly and without hassle. We will resolve all legal issues and will accompany the purchase and sale transaction until the acquisition of ownership.


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