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Transforming the real estate market through Prosperty and Robura

Transforming the real estate market through Prosperty and Robura


Digitally transform the Cyprus real estate sector through a comprehensive suite of innovative services. The suite, which includes onboarding, asset management and real estate commercialization services through the Prosperty B2B SaaS enterprise platform , was developed on behalf of Prosperty , a leading international provider of enterprise B2B SaaS platforms for institutional real estate portfolios, and Robura , an innovative regional leader in technology solutions and services in the real estate industry.

Robura and Prosperty offer professional services using innovative technology services in the real estate industry. This solution empowers companies to increase speed and realize their full potential in the Cyprus property market.

By differentiating itself from competitors in the real estate market and providing added value to its clients, the company will be able to maximize the value of its portfolio and achieve long-term success in the industry.

SaaS platform provides a comprehensive set of features and benefits that can streamline operations, improve collaboration, and increase efficiency. The platform integrates real-time data, analytics and reporting capabilities to enable informed decisions that lead to growth and profitability. In addition, the platform offers a marketplace that will allow you to further enhance your marketing efforts for your real estate portfolio.

The B2B SaaS platform provides a comprehensive solution for institutional investors and property management companies, including banks, servicers, REITs, family offices and real estate companies, to effectively and holistically manage and market their property portfolio.

The platform is designed to meet the needs of the real estate industry internationally and provide the mechanism necessary for growth and success.

Source and photo:, Editorial office

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