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The blue King Kong that catches the eye in the Icon

The blue King Kong that catches the eye in the Icon


The much-discussed Imperio Icon, which now dominates Limassol’s coastline, may have already attracted attention for its impressive architecture and unique and innovative features, but became the talk of the town for another reason: a stunning blue sculpture, located next to the building’s main entrance, depicting a gorilla from world famous movie “King Kong”.

This is one of the sculptures of the Wild Kong series, created by the world famous French artist Richard Orlinski and has received international recognition. Prototyping yet again, Imperio introduced the real estate art of Cyprus by placing a blue sculpture at the entrance to one of his most important works.

King Kong, the hero of a famous movie who falls in love with a girl and takes refuge on the roof of a skyscraper, has become an inspiration for many artists. For Richard Orlinski, the giant gorilla was the inspiration for a series of sculptures that he wants to show that by taming our negative instincts, we can “become” something else, very beautiful. In addition to the open mouth, menacing teeth and wild mood, King Kong has another, sensitive side.

Influenced by pop culture, Richard Orlinski creates a colorful world inspired by wildlife. Influenced by artists such as Jeff Koons, Takashi Murakami and Robert Indiana, Orlinski creates his magnificent work using mainly industrial materials such as resin and aluminum, but also marble, stone and copper.He creates “lively”, beautiful, colorful and timeless works of art that evoke strong emotions in the public. Orlinski has managed to attract a wide audience with his sculptures, including children who are fascinated by his iconic creations. It is worth noting that Orlinski has exhibited his famous works in galleries around the world, and since 2015 he has been the French contemporary artist with the highest number of sales of works in the world.

“Each sculpture I have created contains symbols and tells a story. Nothing exists by chance or just for decoration,” the artist said about his work, adding that in the process of creation he releases his positive energy. “I would like my creations to help people deal with their dark thoughts, turning them into beauty,” adds Orlinski.

It’s no coincidence that the blue King Kong towering over Icon’s main entrance is an eye-catcher. Passers-by stop daily to admire the French artist’s masterpiece, while several newlyweds have already taken part in wedding photography on location next to the impressive work.

Thus, King Kong, from the entrance to the Icon building in Limassol, sends a message to passers-by and visitors that we must see beyond the image. And therein lies its wild charm.

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