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Real estate and culture

Real estate and culture

Real estate, which is associated with culture, is of great interest to local and foreign investors.
Objects within walking distance of cultural institutions are highly valued. Also more attractive are properties that offer views of various cultural sites.

Property with a view of the Acropolis or next to the Eiffel Tower, residences in a traditional district of Prague or along the River Thames are just some examples of culturally assisted property demand.
On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, the Greek government realized the value of its historical culture. The authorities made the most of this event with the help of extensive advertising, which had a beneficial effect on tourism. And this, in turn, led to an increase in interest in real estate.

Greece has been blessed with famous artists such as Nana Mouskouri, Mikis Theodorakis, Demis Roussos and others who have introduced Greek culture to the world. In addition, there is the popular sirtaki dance, which has taken its place on YouTube and in flash mobs. There is also folklore and traditional activities that vary from place to place throughout Greece.

Ancient monuments and local architecture, islands and remote places attract people from abroad, including some celebrities. Chef Gordon Ramsay made a film in Greece about local cuisine, food and architecture.

This kind of cultural outreach is on the rise, and interest in real estate is on the rise as well. Demand is not limited to the famous islands and villages, although Cypriot investors are more active in Crete and Athens.The cultural appeal of Greece has been around for many years, especially in the UK, where the Foreign Office requires knowledge of classical studies. At the same time, it is worth mentioning the European high commissioners and Russian ambassadors in Cyprus, who speak Greek.

Culture played a big role in the Greek Revolution of 1821 when Serbia rebelled against the Ottoman Empire but was ignored by the great powers. At the same time, the aging Garibaldi from Italy, with 1000 Italian revolutionaries, participated in the Balkan wars on the side of Greece, not to mention Lord Byron in Messolonghi and others. Everyone was attracted by Greek culture.

The culture and popularization of Greece has increased significantly in recent years. If the bureaucracy in Greece were not so extensive, its economy would benefit more.

Bureaucracy is a big problem that we also face in Cyprus. When it comes to culture, we have a very long way to go. It is surprising that, on the one hand, we have put so much effort into attracting foreign investors, and on the other hand, we often disappoint them to the point that they leave the island. This is mainly due to bureaucratic delays. Those who are to blame for this still remain in warm government posts.

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