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Real Estate Agents: Access to comparative sales increases transparency

Real Estate Agents: Access to comparative sales increases transparency


The Department of Land Registry and Surveying recently provided access to comparative real estate sales data to licensed real estate agents, members of the Real Estate Registration Board.

This is a very important event that greatly enhances the transparency and quality of services that real estate agents can provide to their clients. At the same time, it enables legal real estate agents to know the real data about the transactions being made, and, therefore, be able to inform interested property buyers about market trends, the course of the property in which they are located. It is also interesting that it operates by type and property status and by provinces.

“We applaud the specific decision of the Cadastral Department as it will especially help licensed and legal real estate agents provide quality information to their domestic and international clients at a time when interest in this sector is increasing,” commented President of the Real Estate Registration Board, Marinos Kinagirou.

The Real Estate Registry Board is constantly striving to renew and modernize the legal profession by implementing specific actions that are considered of particular importance to the sector.

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