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Real Estate: 7Q Investment-Landbank Analytics Strategic Partnership

Real Estate: 7Q Investment-Landbank Analytics Strategic Partnership


Landbank Analytics and 7Q Investment Group announce a strategic partnership to implement a smart real estate market analysis tool powered by Landbank Analytics for the benefit of 7Q clients.

Landbank Analytics has developed a revolutionary property mining tool that provides reliable reports on current and historical prices and trends in the Cyprus property market. The Landbank Analytics platform enables organizations to make informed decisions about real estate transactions.

Simple investment portfolios as well as more complex investment portfolios can be significantly improved both in terms of return and risk with the help of the unique Landbank Analytics tool.

Landbank Analytics remains committed to providing personalized analytics services to key institutional investors and real estate entities, and maintaining a customer-centric culture based on innovative and trusted services.

“This collaboration comes at a critical time for the development of real estate market intelligence in the European and local business environment,” said Andreas Christophoridis, CEO of Landbank Analytics.

“Over the years, I have been fortunate to watch the 7Q Investment Group team work and find that we share a commitment to excellence.”7Q Investment Group is a leading asset manager and institutional investor serving as a strategic partner for institutional, investment, pension and reserve funds, as well as HNWI.

The 7Q Investment Group, through the 7Q INVEST REIT Investment Fund, offers investors timeless returns as it brings together under one roof a wide range of different investment strategies in unique properties in Cyprus.

“It is with great pleasure that I announce this collaboration, which brings together two companies that are playing a leading role in changing the philosophy of investing in relation to the Cyprus property market,” said Andreas Hadjikirou, Executive Director of 7Q Asset Management.

In recent years, Landbank Analytics has been leading the innovation race in property analysis in Cyprus. Looking to the future, the company is ready to use technology, along with the vast amount of data it holds, to help institutional investors, fund managers, financial institutions and loan restructuring organizations gain critical knowledge on how to manage their portfolios.Analysis tool features include:

  • Reliable comparative prices for all property categories
  • Real estate price sensitivity analysis
  • Illustrations of sustainable investment areas
  • Automated Assessment Reports
  • Market information
  • Distribution of real estate by types and sizes

For investors in secured debt and real estate portfolios, credit management companies, construction companies, as well as real estate agencies or certified real estate appraisers, the Landbank Analytics platform can offer them a competitive advantage and cost savings that go beyond any other.

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