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PwC research on the transformation of the real estate industry

PwC research on the transformation of the real estate industry


The real estate sector is the basis for the prosperity of the domestic economy. Growth and activity in this sector directly impacts employment, trade growth and the economic stability of the country.

Investors and entrepreneurs turn to real estate because of the opportunity to earn a stable income through rentals and increase the value of the property over time.

Additionally, the real estate industry offers opportunities to diversify an investment portfolio as entrepreneurs can choose between different types of real estate such as residential, commercial buildings or commercial use properties. Such diversification helps reduce risk and increase the profitability of an investment portfolio.

The Cyprus property market appears to have embarked on its own path of transformation, with stakeholders recognizing both the need for constant reinvention and the need to change the way economic benefits are created, realized and captured.

You can learn more about developments and forecasts for the future of the industry by attending the 18th Land Management, Building Design and Construction Conference and Exhibition, scheduled for March 27, 2024 at the Hilton Nicosia.

The presentation will focus on analyzing key industry developments in 2023, as well as emerging trends observed in European markets, through the lens of PwC analysis.

The main issues that will also be analyzed at the conference are developments in the real estate sector and government priorities, which will be presented by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Constantinos Ioannou, one of the speakers.

In addition, the future of real estate in Cyprus and Europe will be discussed, and at a local level there will be an analysis of how the licensing process will change with the new licensing system.

Discussions will answer key questions, such as what the new permitting system means for industry professionals and how projects are managed in the face of changing construction material costs.

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