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Pros and cons of gated communities in Cyprus

Pros and cons of gated communities in Cyprus


Gated community projects have emerged relatively recently in Cyprus as crime , especially theft, has increased and people want to feel safer in their homes. The need for such protection arose about 25 years ago, and over time, more and more “closed communities” appeared. They have various pros and cons.

The benefit is a feeling of added security and privacy, a lack of unwanted visitors, and faster traffic flow as traffic is reduced primarily for residents and their visitors. Cameras can be installed at main entrances, as well as in other places, but restrictions on personal data must be taken into account.

One of the disadvantages is the initial cost of about 4000 euros, as well as annual maintenance costs, which are estimated at about 300-400 euros.

Problems can arise if visitors or maintenance staff don’t know the code, homeowners forget it, or don’t have the remote control needed to open the gate. Another problem is that visitors or residents may pass the code on to others, meaning the code must be changed periodically, which is not very practical. Another problem could be people getting stuck on the street due to technical problems with the gate. Imagine if this happened at 2.30 am on your return from abroad.

There are certain functions that are best suited for creating “ closed communities”. These include electrically operated gates that operate either by code or by remote control. There must be an intercom installed at the gate that communicates with each house.

There should be a secure box with a gate key so you can still always get in or out. An additional key and instructions in several languages should be placed inside the complex for residents.

An electrical sensor should be installed at the exit so that the door opens automatically when you leave the premises.

Along with the main gate for the passage of cars, there should be another smaller gate for visitors, opened manually.

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