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Property for rent in Limassol

Property for rent in Limassol

Do you want to provide yourself with good housing for the period of your stay in Cyprus and rent a property in Limassol? But at the same time you do not know how to make a quality choice and find a conscientious landlord?

In this article, we will analyze the best way to approach the choice of property for rent in Limassol. In a city popular not only for tourism, but also for work, as it is considered the business center of Cyprus.

Rental housing in Limassol: the main types

Housing in Limassol can be rented for short or long term.

Daily rent in Limassol

a type of rental when you are looking for housing for just a few, or even for one day. Accommodation can be found and booked, for example, on the service. For short-term (daily) rent, it is important first of all to consider housing that is fully equipped for life. This is not even about furniture, but about the availability of dishes, towels and other amenities.

There are many options for short-term rent, but you should understand that short-term rent in Limassol will always be more expensive than long-term rent and is calculated daily: at least 30-50 € per day. If you want to rent a property for 2-3 months, this will also be considered a short-term or daily rental.

Short-term rent is chosen because it is more comfortable for life and cheaper than a hotel. Moreover, if you stay for several months, you can get a discount from the daily rate. Utilities are included in the price (you can check the details of utility payments in the contract). Plus, the landlord takes a deposit, which will be returned at the end if all the conditions of the lease are met.

Long term rental in Limassol

This is the rental of housing for at least 1 year. Often, the contract also prescribes the possibility of extension. Payment is calculated by months, and this option is more profitable. For example, often the option of a long-term lease is considered by those who come to Limassol for work.

Fortunately, unlike in many countries, in Limassol and other cities of Cyprus, you will not even be asked for documents confirming solvency. Payment is charged per month, in the contract you can clarify the details of the payment of the communal apartment, the possibility of increasing the amount and all other nuances. The owner will also have to reissue utility bills for you.

The main nuance is that if the lease agreement is terminated before the due date – 12 months – the deposit will remain with the owner. The same goes for any damage to property.

Determining which of these types of rentals in Limassol is right for you is very simple: it all depends on the expected length of your stay in the city. Also, don’t forget to plan your budget and take into account the additional costs of collateral.

How to rent a property in Limassol

It is convenient that it is even possible to rent a house in Limassol online. To do this, there is a whole variety of options on our website in the rental section in Limassol.

But if you want to get additional support and help in choosing, contact a real estate agency. Here you will be helped at all stages of the search and selection.

Fundamental to renting a home is a contract. If you want to rent a house in Limassol, carefully study the contract and its conditions:

  • do you have to pay utility bills and what exactly;
  • Is it possible for the landlord to increase the cost of rent;
  • Is it possible to make changes / make repairs in housing without the permission of the tenant.

Are there problems with the language barrier or lack of knowledge of the laws of Cyprus? The real estate agency will also help you with checking and studying the contract!

Property for rent in Limassol: conclusion

There is no need to be afraid that you will not find anything in Limassol for rent. On the contrary, there are so many options that the eyes run wide. This place is very popular among tourists, so there are also many landlords.

Another question is how to choose the right option among all this abundance and rent a property in Limassol without any problems? To do this, be careful when searching. Better yet, trust not only the picture, but also independently examine the options. Carefully check the contract and its terms.

If you have doubts and lack of experience, you can always use the services of a real estate agency. There is a misconception that a real estate agency only sells properties in Limassol. In fact, experienced realtors will also help you with choosing a good rental property. Agency services are a good way to avoid unscrupulous landlords and bad properties, as well as full support from selection to signing the contract.

Interested in choosing a quality property to rent in Limassol? Write to us and ask questions! Get reliable support and the desired result!


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