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Projects worth more than 20,000,000 euros in the last seven years in Chloraka

Projects worth more than 20,000,000 euros in the last seven years in Chloraka


On Saturday, the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulides , expressed the state’s support for the community, inaugurating important projects to complete the construction of measures to protect and improve part of the coastline with the “breakwaters on Alicia Beach ” and the completion of the third and final phase of the construction of the Cultural Center with the project “Cafeteria and Vrisis Exhibition Hall .”

He also expressed confidence that together with the community administration, they will do everything necessary for the successful implementation of the great local government reform. These two projects, which, among many others, according to the President of the Republic, show and confirm the strong interest of the community authorities in the necessary development and progress of the community.

Christodoulides noted that “we have privately confirmed the transformation of the embankment between the St. George and Laura with the construction and installation of 5 breakwaters and other additional improvement projects.” The breakwaters, he said, “provide access to the sea, but there is also a need to develop the coastal area and steps will be taken immediately in this direction to obtain the necessary permissions from the Planning Authority.

The project, which falls under the European Cohesion Policy program “THALEA 2021-2027” and is being promoted for final certification of compatibility with environmental standards, is, as the President of the Republic said, an example of the effectiveness of will and the correct organization of all parties involved. President Christodoulides also praised the role of the previous government in including the project in the THALEA program.

The President of the Republic stated that “where and when there is proper planning, control, professionalism and consistency, projects are completed and effective.” Especially when it comes to projects, he said, like this one, “which are aimed at modernizing and strengthening both our tourism product and the standard of living of residents of the surrounding area.”

Chloraka shoreline improvement project will contribute to the further development of the area and the provision of better services and opportunities for both residents of the area and visitors.”

According to him, there are about eight hotels here, and this particular beach can serve not only those staying in these hotels, but also residents of the area.

“From today, the community of Chloraka acquires a multifunctional cultural center that harmoniously combines the creation of infrastructure for cultural events and activities, aesthetically thoughtful design, respect for the environment and the promotion of traditions.” The President emphasized that the state supports and approves such projects aimed at developing public spaces and is ready to provide full support. He also reported on the positive development of another important project for the community – the expansion and general improvement of the 1st primary school ” Agios Nikolaos .”

The President also said that “it is a well-known fact that the Chloraka community has already been proven to be on a path of continuous development, revival and progress. We are confident that all recent, completed or ongoing projects in the Community of Chloraka will add new dynamics of development and prosperity to the region, bringing only positive changes for our place, added the President of the Republic.”

In turn, the leader of the Chloraka community, Nicholas Liasidis , who is again seeking a position in the Chloraka council , said that over the past 7 years projects worth more than 20 million euros have been built. These projects provide added value and contribute to the modernization of the local economy, while at the same time enhancing the socio -cultural value of the region.

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