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Poyiatzis: Reversing climate of distrust a “big challenge”

Poyiatzis: Reversing climate of distrust a “big challenge”


“It’s a big challenge” to deal with the prevailing climate of distrust in institutions in society, newly appointed transparency commissioner Haris Poyatzis told CNA Wednesday.

“This is a great honor, I feel a great responsibility for the performance of our work, which we bear as an authority,” said Poyatzis, responding to a request to comment on his appointment.

Asked about the measures that the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission intends to take to combat this phenomenon, he said that “we will put together a plan that I hope will be functional and practical.” He said that he had some first ideas, but he did not want to share them before discussing with other members of the Commission and making collective decisions.

He noted that their official appointment has not yet taken place, and the newly appointed members have not yet been able to communicate with each other. So far, practical issues are being resolved, such as finding premises and staff for the new Commission. According to him, the first meeting of the commission is expected to be held in the coming days.

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