The ancient city in Cyprus, preserving the charm of antiquity. The city is located in the southwestern part of the island. It is considered the most prestigious among the cities of Cyprus, and at the same time – sparsely populated. You can drive to any point in Paphos in 20 minutes, which is also a significant advantage in choosing this place for relaxation or accommodation. A rarity here, even in season, queues in shops or on the beaches. The city is rich in treasures of ancient cultural times.

How to get to Paphos

Just 16 kilometers from the city is Paphos International Airport. From the airport to Paphos can be reached by taxi, or by regular bus.

Property in Paphos

Paphos real estate is the perfect solution for those who want to live in a quiet place with a rich history. This city is good both in terms of tourism and comfort: modern infrastructure, suitable conditions for business, there is everything necessary for temporary and permanent residence. Paphos housing is a good investment due to the active tourist development of the city, the demand for real estate and rising prices for it.

Property in Paphos

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