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Overseas lowcost property

Overseas lowcost property

In Cyprus, you can buy real estate abroad inexpensively, of good quality and in a convenient area with all the necessary infrastructure. On the island there are a lot of options as a secondary housing at a nice cost, and in new buildings. Cheap real estate abroad is advantageous in that you buy housing at an affordable price, but durable and built using the latest technology. These are decent options with a high level of convenience. Therefore, inexpensive real estate abroad can be a much more profitable investment than housing in Russian resorts. In addition, Cyprus has all the amenities for buying a house or apartment: low taxes and loyalty in obtaining a loan. For this reason, many investors prefer to purchase housing abroad here.

Where to buy lowcost real estate?

A large number of cheap properties are presented in Larnaca. In Paphos and Limassol, you can also buy real estate abroad cheaply, especially secondary housing. Limassol is the most cosmopolitan city; emigrants from all over the world have long settled here. Many people invest in several cheap objects at once and get very good profit from them when renting out.

The most profitable from a tourist point of view housing options are located in the coastal zone. Real estate abroad by the sea will always be very popular among travelers, so you can rent out housing at a high price.

Cheap real estate doesn’t mean poor quality

The cheapest property has a fairly high level of comfort. The residential complexes of Cyprus are modern, they are equipped with all necessary communications, parking, somewhere there are their own pools, sports grounds. The cheapest real estate in Russia is far from in such a state, even in resort towns.

Investing in Cyprus low-cost housing is very profitable. If you buy an apartment abroad cheaply, then you can rent it out at a very good price for a long time or only during the beach season. And he can stand in Cyprus for several months! Inexpensive real estate abroad will be a justifiable investment for you, because housing prices in Cyprus are constantly growing, so when selling in the future you can get high profits.

Who should buy affordable housing?

Cheap property abroad is very suitable for senior citizens. Despite the low cost, modern Cypriot residential complexes are equipped with everything necessary for the elderly: elevators, ramps, parking areas with well-groomed paths, pools with different depths, reading rooms and social clubs. Also, another reason to buy real estate abroad inexpensively for retirees is the high level of medical care. Cyprus has everything you need to comfortably and happily spend your old age.

Also, cheap housing abroad is ideal for students who are studying at a Cyprus university. In Larnaca, you can inexpensively purchase apartments that are located in areas with good transport interchange and all the necessary shops.

Cypriot banks make good offers to foreign investors, and in a mortgage you can buy an apartment abroad in Cyprus on adequate and affordable terms.

We have prepared for you a large number of favorable options for housing and commercial real estate in Cyprus. In our catalog you can find the cheapest accommodation abroad with a high level of comfort. We sell apartments, villas, townhouses, various types of premises for business. And in each of these categories we have for you cheap real estate.

Low-cost property for sale in Cyprus

Lowcost overseas apartments

Lowcost overseas apartments

Buying overseas apartment cheaply does not mean investing in low-grade housing. All construction projects in Cyprus are created using modern effective technologies, they are durable and comfortable. Today you can profitably buy an apartment abroad, which will be located in a convenient location, with all the necessary infrastructure and surrounded by a picturesque landscape. Even low-cost residential complexes can be equipped with swimming pools, parking lots, green gardens and playgrounds. In Cyprus, you can buy housing abroad in Paphos, Limassol or Larnaca, which will be not far from the entire central infrastructure, and from the beaches. Paphos and Limassol are considered the expensive cities of Cyprus, but here you can find decent budget apartments.

If we compare the prices of housing in Cyprus and in many Russian resorts, then in some ways the sale of apartments abroad will be a more affordable option. And even if the cost of housing on the island is higher, then taking into account its longevity, comfort, cleanliness and picturesque surroundings and tourist demand, it will be clear that this investment is much more profitable. Rental housing abroad is very popular today, so you can rent your property and receive passive income.

The catalog on our website presents a large number of options for cheap but decent housing. And we will be happy to advise you on all issues of its acquisition.

Lowcost overseas apartments


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