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Overseas property

Overseas property

Overseas property, especially in Cyprus, today is very popular. There are many explanations for this: the wonderful climate of Cyprus with a long beach season, a wide variety of entertainment, good schools with a high level of educational programs, as well as amazing medicine and a very convenient infrastructure. And you can sing odes to the divine Cypriot cuisine, fresh fruits and various seafood! There is everything for a comfortable life, which is why the demand for property is growing every year.

In Cyprus there are a large number of proposals for those wishing to purchase housing. Overseas real estate, the prices for which will be the highest here, in Limassol and Paphos. This is a huge variety of luxury apartments, townhouses and villas. Active sale of real estate abroad under business is carried out in Nicosia. Therefore, business people most often choose this city for the acquisition of objects. Buy real estate abroad inexpensive and mid-priced in Larnaca. In addition, there are wonderful beaches and many ancient interesting sights.

International investment

One of the reasons why you should buy an overseas apartment in Cyprus is a loyal and convenient system for obtaining a visa and citizenship. By investing in real estate on the island, you can get a residence permit, and then apply for permanent residence, becoming a full-fledged citizen of Cyprus. Therefore, many investors, when the question arises, where to buy overseas real estate , choose this country.

In addition, buying a home in Cyprus can bring you quite a good income. Real estate for rent abroad is very popular today for both a short vacation and a long stay. It is possible to rent housing to students for a long time, and to tourists during the beach period. The high season lasts several months here! Renting a property will allow you to receive passive income at a time when you will not live on the island, which will make your home not only a pleasant acquisition, but also a profitable investment.

Overseas property prices

Buying real estate today is more realistic than ever, thanks to a large number of offers from economy housing to luxury properties. Everyone will be able to find a suitable option for their financial capabilities and fulfill the dream of living abroad. Overseas real estate, which you can buy on our website, has affordable prices. And we have many decent budget options!

Real estate prices are highest in the central active regions and in coastal areas, where you can easily reach the sea. If you plan to rent out your housing, then choose the coastal zone, there apartments or houses will be in great demand.

The tax policy and loan programs of Cyprus are very loyal, so buying property in Cyprus is available here.

Profitable to buy overseas property

Our catalog presents real estate of various types. For families with children, houses or town houses are ideal. For people with a high demand for comfort and suitable financial opportunities, you can buy overseas houses in an luxury area – magnificent villas with a picturesque house adjoining territory. And for active people or businessmen, apartments in the center are most suitable.

Overseas apartments are presented in different price categories: from low price studios to expensive multi-room apartments, which occupy an entire floor or even two. House near the sea is very popular in Cyprus, which is not surprising, because the coast of the island is incredibly beautiful! And to buy overseas real estate on the coast is a good investment, because such houses will be actively in demand for rental among tourists. Also in our catalog there are many options for commercial real estate. The sale of overseas real estate of this type in Cyprus is very developed, because the island’s infrastructure is at a high level, and there are all the necessary conditions for the establishment and prosperity of a business. Office buildings, retail space, food outlets are sold and rented very actively. Real estate in Cyprus is your profitable investment.

How to buy overseas property

Our company Estate of Cyprus will help you acquire housing in Cyprus as conveniently and quickly as possible. Thanks to our work, you can buy overaseas real estate safely and profitably, and we will accompany you at all stages of the transaction, providing professional assistance. With us it will be easier for you to choose the type of object, its location, as well as correctly compile all the necessary documentation. Our real estate agency offers a lot of housing options and commercial properties, which you can find in the catalog.

Contact us by phone or e-mail, and we will be happy to help you fulfill your dream of living abroad on the sunny island of Cyprus!


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