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Outlining European real estate

Outlining European real estate


Events in Cyprus are always connected to a large extent with events in the rest of Europe and especially in the Eurozone. As in our country, the European real estate market has changed in recent years.

Especially now, when the inflation rate remains high in all European countries. While inflation drivers may ease in the medium term, wage pressure and rising production costs are expected to keep wages high and above the 2% target in early 2023.

However, real estate remains attractive relative to other asset classes, and the office sector is on track for a recovery focused on green growth and ESG performance.

The near-term outlook remains strong, with 2022 likely to be the last year with double-digit returns in most markets. With such low returns, investors should be wary of the long-term value trap.

How important is health and well-being now in the process of making a decision to purchase real estate? Savills plc Global Research Director Eri Mitsostergiou answers this question with a wealth of experience. The research program, which he leads along with other leading figures, will be analyzed at the 16th Conference and Exhibition on Land Management, Building Design and Construction on June 8, 2022. The program assesses how economic, political, demographic and technological changes are shaping global real estate markets. today and in the coming years. Erie presents this Savills research internationally at conferences, webinars, podcasts and on the Savills blog. Due to her many years of experience in the international real estate markets, her views are often covered in foreign real estate media. She is also President of the ULI National Council of Greece and Cyprus.

Focus on trends and challenges

The conference will address many issues related to the sphere. Among them are key aspects of state policy in the field of land and real estate relations and changes in local governments. The consequences of the Ukrainian crisis, ProTech, as well as sustainable urban development will also be discussed. In the second part of the event, participants will have the opportunity to learn about new trends in the renovation and reuse of old buildings, changes in the daily full-fledged work of the project manager due to the rapid development of technology. In a separate section, the public will be introduced to modern trends in interior design. Green building and sustainable buildings are also among the topics to be analyzed by renowned speakers.

The target audience

The conference is intended for developers, real estate appraisers, real estate agencies, contractors and construction companies, architects, civil engineers, interior designers and geotechnicians. Engineers, mechanical engineers, transportation engineers, environmental engineers, electrical engineers, as well as building inspectors, surveyors, city and regional planners, and light and sound engineers also deserve attention. It is also addressed to banks and other financial institutions, accounting/audit/tax firms, law firms, funds and asset management companies, investors and relevant government and regulatory authorities.

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