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Optimum use of your garden

Optimum use of your garden


People are increasingly appreciating the opportunity to spend time outdoors, and people want to get the most out of their garden. There are many different ways to use your garden that will make life in your home more enjoyable and bring you closer to family and friends. As people’s attitudes towards gardens have changed over the past 15 years, so have the attitudes of architects and developers.

Pools and barbecues

Considering the way we live now, I offer you the following thoughts:

A very fun activity would be to install a barbecue or counter (with a sink and sewer, as well as electricity). For the more adventurous, a traditional oven (fournoi) is needed – it costs about €.

For those who have space and money and want to have a pool, the cost of a 4m x 12m pool is around 20,000 euros. This includes a swimming pool for €15,000, a patio around it for €4,000, a shower for €800 and a gazebo (or use a larger tent). If you want to have a pool at a later stage, make sure you dig the hole before the house is built to avoid ruining your garden at a later stage. Please note that if you choose an infinity (better looking) pool instead of a skimmer, it will cost about 50% more. A pool smaller than 4m x 8m is not recommended, while the water depth should be around 1.80m (one level) for safety reasons, especially for children. The trampoline is obsolete and should be avoided.

Don’t forget the garden lights (and sockets at certain intervals) and you should budget around 4000 euros (including fittings).

As for using the garden for more active residents, consider the following:

A typical asphalt tennis court will cost around 20,000 euros, but it will require a construction site area.

A basketball court (one stand) will require about 30-50 sq.m. about 3500 euros (stone surface).

Badminton is a game for all ages and with four players will set you back around 250 euros, while a small volleyball court for 4-6 people will cost you around a euro.

Golf requires high quality grass (or high quality plastic) as an alternative or general use with a badminton and volleyball court. When used on the same ground, it can be a lot of fun, especially for children.

I would like to note that using good quality plastic grass and preparing the soil will cost about 50 euros / sq.m, but you will save on water, maintenance and chemicals.

The number of such amenities within the home is increasing, and I hope I’ve been able to offer you some ideas on how to use your garden space and strengthen bonds with family and friends through fun games and exercises (and, of course, increase the value of your home).

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