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Only 25.6% of Cypriots live in a flat

Only 25.6% of Cypriots live in a flat


According to a recent Eurostat poll, three out of four Cypriots prefer to live in a house rather than an apartment, and more than two-thirds of the island’s residents own their own home.

In its annual report on the living conditions of EU citizens for 2020, Eurostat found that 73% of the population of the island of Cyprus live in houses, while 25.6% live in apartments.

In the EU, 53% of the population lived in houses and 46% lived in apartments (1% lived in other living quarters such as houseboats, trucks). Ireland has the highest proportion of people living in homes, at 92%, followed by Croatia (78%), Belgium (77%) and the Netherlands (75%).

Most people in more than two-thirds of the EU countries live in homes. The highest percentage of people living in apartments was in Spain (66%), Latvia (65%), Estonia (61%), Greece and Lithuania (59% each).
In urban areas, 72% of the EU population lived in apartments and only 28% in houses, while in rural areas 82% of the population lived in houses and 18% in apartments.


More than two-thirds of EU residents lived in their own homes. The proportion of owners or tenants of their home varies considerably between Member States. In the EU, 70% of the population lived in their own home and 30% lived in rented accommodation. The highest rates of home ownership were observed in Romania (96%), Slovakia (92%), Croatia and Hungary (91% each).

Home ownership is a good practice in all EU countries, with the exception of Germany, where the share of owners and tenants is 50-50%. Tenants in Austria and Denmark accounted for 45% and 41% respectively. In Cyprus, 68.6% live in their own home, and 31.4% rent.

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