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Nikiforos Pambakas: New arrivals and services at Limassol Marina

Nikiforos Pambakas: New arrivals and services at Limassol Marina


“With a sales percentage of 285 exclusive residential units in excess of 95%, Limassol Marina has established itself as one of the most cosmopolitan addresses in Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean,” says General Manager of Limassol Marina.

He specifically mentions Castle Residences, the gem of the Limassol Marin, as he characterizes it by noting that out of the 61 apartments available, over 80% have already been sold, leaving little to sell.

According to Mr. Pampakas, Limassol Marine has attracted buyers from over 48 different countries, including Cypriots. “The greatest interest,” he points out, “comes from Northern Europe, the UK, Russia, Ukraine and, more recently, the Middle and Far East, while the nationalities of clients who want to buy property for investment purposes vary greatly.”

Further emphasizing that the Limassol marina is undoubtedly a pole of attraction for tourism on the island, Nikiforos Pambakas is optimistic about the flow of tourists this summer, pointing out that the traffic in the marina in recent times, and especially at the beginning of summer, has increased significantly .

At the same time, for the shopping area, he is announcing some great new restaurants that he stresses will further enhance the visitor experience.

In addition, the general manager of Limassol Marina says that bringing larger vessels to our island is a unique opportunity to keep Cyprus on the world superyacht maritime map, as well as create a new opportunity to transform the entire industry.

The following is an interview with the CEO of Limassol Marina:

What is the level of traffic in Limassol Marina today?

Recently, the traffic in Limassol Marine has increased, especially now, with the beginning of summer, which makes us especially happy. The alienation and isolation caused by the pandemic in the past two years has led the whole world to learn to appreciate and enjoy life, to gain experience with our people, our family and these images that we see every day from people who visit us in the last time, because this is exactly what Limassol Marin offers them.

What are your expectations for tourism this year and from which markets does Limassol Marine attract visitors?

So far, we are quite optimistic, on the one hand, because of the traffic that we are already seeing, as I mentioned above, and on the other hand, because of the encouraging messages that we receive from the rest of the tourism sectors such as airports, hotels, travel agencies.

Limassol Marina is undoubtedly the center of attraction for tourism on the island. As for the commercial part, i.e. restaurants and shops, the movement of tourism cannot be defined on a national basis, because both the geographical location and the uniqueness of the project make it an exciting place for everyone who visits the island.

Now, in terms of pleasure boats, the owners of the berths come mainly from neighboring countries such as Israel, Lebanon, Turkey and Greece, while recently a few boats have arrived on our island, mainly from countries outside of Europe, such as America, United Kingdom and Middle East.

When were Castle Residences commissioned and what percentage has already been sold? What is the buyer profile?

The handover of the apartments of the Castle Residences complex, which is the jewel of Limassol Marine, took place in April 2021 and marked the completion of the project, making it one of the most successful development projects in Cyprus.

The luxurious apartments of Castle Residences are surrounded by the sea and have unobstructed and panoramic views of the marina, Limassol city and the Mediterranean Sea, and the island on which they are built can only be accessed via a private bridge.

Castle Residences consists of a total of 61 apartments, of which more than 80% have already been sold, and there are very few available for sale.

Limassol Marina has attracted buyers from over 48 different countries, including Cypriots. Northern Europe, UK, Russia, Ukraine and, more recently, the Middle and Far East are of the greatest interest, while the nationalities of clients who wish to purchase property for investment purposes vary greatly.

The common element of all is the fact that Limassol Marina and respectively Limassol and Cyprus have been chosen as their permanent residence, making their investment a conscious choice.

Overall, with a sales percentage of over 95% for 285 exclusive residential units, Limassol Marina has established itself as one of the most cosmopolitan addresses in Cyprus and the wider Mediterranean region. This is the only development project that offers “life by the sea” in ready-to-let apartments and villas.

Will we see any new developments at Limassol Marine in the near future or some kind of commercial expansion?

It is a fact that new and sophisticated restaurants are expected to be located mainly in the commercial area of the project, which will further enhance the quality of the visitor experience. In the near future we will be able to publish additional information.

Also, at this stage, we are very excited to launch this year’s updated Trailer Boat Park service, with which we intend to innovate! With a modern and much larger boat dock and storage room, owners will be able to safely park their boats a few meters from the private slipway of the marina.

This new service will offer boat trailer owners a whole new experience by which they will be able to ask the marina crew to take their boat to the designated berth i.e. into the water and after they have enjoyed the ride at sea, the crew will make sure that return your boat to a special boat parking lot! This service provides all the benefits of onshore parking and storage, but at the same time, the boat is raised and lowered without any inconvenience to the owners.

This service has already generated a lot of interest and we believe it will be very popular with those who prefer not to have their boat docked all the time. We intend to offer excellent services to meet the needs of boat owners as well as the entire shipping community. More information about available packages and pricing for this service will be announced very soon.

There is and is in the works of Marina and in other parts of the island. How do you rate the competition? Do you think that the size of Cyprus justifies so many marinas?

As Limassol Marina, we warmly welcome all new marinas on the island as we firmly believe that they will add value to Cyprus and strengthen the shipping industry while continuing the work that Limassol Marina started.

New developments integrating commercial and residential properties along with a marina for pleasure craft could make a significant contribution to the economy and be a great boost to the Cyprus tourism product. Due to the diversity of these projects, they become attractive destinations in their own right and in general, offering existing and new visitors the opportunity to visit additional destinations and have a complete experience learning more about the culture, civilization and natural beauty of our country.

With the development and creation of new modern marinas, the development of the shipping industry will accelerate the growth of Cyprus as a desirable and successful shipping destination, benefiting not only the marinas and maritime ancillary services industry, but the broader economy as a whole.

Since yacht crews spend a lot of money in the local market, bringing larger vessels to our island is a unique opportunity to keep Cyprus on the world chart of offshore superyachts and also create a new opportunity to transform the entire industry. Thus, the more superyacht marinas on the island, the better.

It is imperative that the government now make the necessary changes to the rules and legislation governing the construction and operation of such projects in order to support the growing yachting industry, ensuring that Cyprus remains a “friendly” destination to attract visitors and invest in an environment in which industry professionals can work. professionally.

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