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Nightingale: New residential development is coming to Platres -What will the project include

Nightingale: New residential development is coming to Platres -What will the project include


New residential complex ” Nightingale” Residential Compound ” owned by Roomzly Ltd , in Pano village Platres in the Limassol area , has received approval from the Ministry of Environment. The total area of the proposed project is 48,290 sq.m. The project, located in a mountainous area, will be built in the H7 residential zone, which is an area with predominant residential use.

Pano Community Platres is located approximately 246 meters northwest of the proposed project, and the community of Kato Platres is approximately 2.3 kilometers to the southwest.

At a distance of approximately 3 km to the southeast and south are the communities of Moniati and Pera Pedi respectively, and at a distance of approximately 2.6 km to the northwest is the community of Foini. To the north and west of the proposed project there are individual residential buildings and other tourist resorts, at very short distances, with a residential complex ” Platres ” located at a distance of 45 meters from the boundaries of the proposed sites Panorama ” and at a distance of 120 meters southwest of the study sites, DTA is building a luxury residential complex called ” Guru “.

Along the western boundary of the proposed site flows the registered water stream Krios Potamos “, which is one of the three main rivers flowing into the Kourris Dam reservoir , and to the west and south of the proposed project is the ” Millomeri ” river. At a distance of 35 meters south of the south-west end of the block is the Millomery waterfall .

The proposed complex will consist of six residential buildings ( House A , House B1, House B2, House B3, House C, House D), which will be built entirely on a plot of 29,100 sq.m.

The total area of the project building will be 3,234 sq.m. , and the total coverage area will be 2,331 sq.m. The percentage of the total area of the plots that will be built is approximately 5% (2331 sq.m ) , and the remaining part (95%) will be green spaces.

According to the designer, the buildings will have a total of 21 bedrooms, and the maximum number of people that can be accommodated will be 42 people.

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