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Soho Resort Paphos, Paphos

Unique design: SOHO Resort is a project consisting of 2 towers: the 15-storey West Tower, which includes 50 apartments, and the 16-storey East Tower, which includes 68 apartments. The project includes 12 shops, a gym, spa and pool and is surrounded by 20 large, modern and luxurious villas.

The elegant silhouette of the towers stands out without disturbing the landscape, but rather by elevating it, giving everything a futuristic touch of beauty. Its progressive and inventive design doesn’t follow the formal boundaries of design but offers a unique vision for residents and passersby. How much natural light, air and views can a building enjoy on every single floor? According to SOHO … all of them!

Every element of SOHO Resort is designed in such a way as not to limit the chic view. The innovative use of glass creates a sense of literally filling both towers with the unmistakable Cypriot light and sea breeze, making every square meter of this ambitious project attractive and distinctive.

SOHO Resort is located not only in a convenient and easily accessible area of ​​Paphos, but on the seafront, in a place with stunning views.

Paphos has a rich history and a promising future. Being the birthplace of the goddess of love Aphrodite, at the same time it is a modern city with numerous offices of international companies. Also in Paphos there are such tourist attractions as the ancient tombs of the kings, the castle, Akam region, Avakas gorge and much more.

Do you want to invest in something promising? SOHO Resort is the opportunity you’ve been looking for.Its location, quality of construction, innovative character and luxurious interior ensure that you get more for your money and become part of the elite.
An incredibly luxurious project.

SOHO Resort is destined to become a landmark in Paphos. This is where we want to revolutionize luxury and redefine innovation, making a breakthrough and setting a record. The towers will be known not only for their height, but also for their high level of service.
Offering a wide range of services, SOHO Resort not only provides itself with a worthy place, but also soars to unattainable heights!


The scent of the sea mixes with the scent of flowers, the rays of the sun are reflected on crystal clear glass, the sound of the surf mixes with the sound of the city. This is SOHO. A real feast for all senses, not just a building, but an experience. The design of the project harmoniously combines the atmosphere of the city and life by the sea, creating a unique and excellent construction


SOHO Resort is not only beautiful. It offers an unrivaled life experience that cannot be matched or surpassed. Residents can enjoy a private pool, sports facilities, park, playground and stunning gardens. This is a great place away from stress and everyday hassle. Looking for a refreshing dip or a snack? There are restaurants, cafes and bars at your service! So enjoy your stay at SOHO!


We all love a beautiful life. A walk to the beach, an hour of doing your favorite sports, a leisurely cup of coffee in the sun, a full time with your family, a break from our busy life.At SOHO Resort, you can do all this and more. You can live as if you are on vacation 365 days a year. This is a place to unwind, relax, recharge and enjoy the good life! SOHO private services and outdoor entertainment will create a feeling of lightness and comfort


Feel the atmosphere of the city as soon as you leave the house! SOHO Resort is a place filled with life and events! Shops, bars, restaurants – everything is easy and simple, and the feeling of the city atmosphere will not leave you from morning until late at night!

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