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Neocleous Tower: The “green” office building is coming to change market data

Neocleous Tower: The “green” office building is coming to change market data


Creators of Neocleous Tower invites high-quality companies to discover the future of the workplace in a modern, sustainable and high-quality building in the heart of Limassol . Redefining the existing lifestyle and setting a new standard for office buildings in Cyprus, Neocleous Tower offers a technologically innovative and people-centred work environment that aims to promote excellence, collaboration and the well-being of those who will be housed in the building.

As seen in the released photo, the uniquely designed open common space, surrounded by lush trees and greenery, will be a green oasis in the heart of the city, creating an environment that inspires relaxation, socializing and creative thinking.

The project is also on track to achieve LEED certification. This internationally recognized achievement will ensure that Neocleous Tower is a highly efficient and economically productive green development that will provide environmental, social and economic benefits to tenants. Some of these benefits are improved indoor air quality, low chemical emissions, energy efficiency and reduced water consumption. The positive outcome of all these benefits will undoubtedly be lower energy and water costs, as well as an improved quality of daily life for workers thanks to the hygienic and comfortable facilities offered.

Also, Neocleous Tower includes a wide range of key features to minimize the building’s environmental impact. Features that provide excellent energy efficiency include high-quality insulation materials, modern heating and cooling systems, and the use of renewable energy sources. In addition, modern ventilation systems improve indoor air quality, which is further facilitated by the bioclimatic design of the building and its orientation to solar and wind conditions. At the same time, the building’s design includes environmentally friendly materials with a low carbon footprint.

Ultimately, the location of a building plays a catalytic role in enhancing its environmental status. Proximity to transport, infrastructure and services reduces the need for frequent car use. Its strategic location clearly supports the goals of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP).

Sustainable architectural design, advanced building technologies and best energy efficiency practices make Neocleous Tower is a symbol of modern innovation. Construction of Neocleous is expected Tower will be completed around the beginning of 2025. The goal of the project is to attract internationally recognized companies that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.

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