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Mountain Property in Cyprus

Mountain Property in Cyprus

Houses are very popular not only near the sea, but also in the mountains. The mountains of the island are something incredible, amazingly beautiful creation that will never get bored!

The demand for villas and apartments located in the highlands of Cyprus is consistently high. Many buy here a house for permanent residence or a building plot, and also invest in housing for subsequent rental.

The charms of life in the mountains

The mountains of Cyprus are a picturesque area with clean air, which attracts with its silence and tranquility. It is ideal for those who prefer to live in solitude, away from the bustle of the city and want to enjoy the beautiful scenery and all the charms of nature.

n summer, the mountains are not as hot as in the city or on the coast, and in winter they turn into a real snowy tale. In the warm season, fruit trees in the village gardens provide a rich harvest, and you can enjoy the natural and healthy gifts of nature. And local farmers will supply you with fresh and delicious milk. And all year round your window will open a beautiful view of the mountain slopes, which are always so different and never cease to amaze with their beauty.

There are not many tourists in the mountains, so the serenity and lack of fuss are guaranteed. There are many options for entertaining yourself: hiking, multi-day hikings, mountain biking. And in the rocky areas there are many attractions and ancient relics (monasteries, ancient buildings), which will be very interesting to see. Also in the mountains of Cyprus have their own wineries and taverns serving homemade wine and national dishes. In addition, in the local villages are constantly held some holidays and various recreational activities.

Housing in the mountains is equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable life. Telephone, TV and the Internet work great here. Each mountain village has shops where you can buy groceries, and thanks to good roads you can easily get to the city.

Mountain house for sale

The Troodos Mountains, located in the western part of the island, is one of the most popular mountainous areas of Cyprus among home buyers. There is an atmosphere of calm and harmony, and the diverse landscape will not leave anyone indifferent: from here you can see the strip of the Mediterranean Sea, beautiful mountain slopes and magnificent peaks.

If you want privacy and comfort, you can consider housing options in the small mountain village of Platres. And those who want to admire the scale of the rocks should pay their attention to the village of Kakopetria, which is located in a picturesque mountain gorge.

The villages of the Solea region are also very beautiful, and many mountain resorts with good hotels are built here in the English style, where a large number of tourists come annually who prefer a secluded vacation or skiing. There are also many housing options in the Pedoulas area, and its hotels are on the same level as seaside hotels in terms of comfort and service.

In the mountains you can purchase any type of housing: from luxurious mansions and villas with a chic adjoining territory to comfortable apartments in residential complexes. And the advantage of real estate in the mountains of Cyprus is not only in its unique panoramic view of the mountain slopes, but also in steadily high demand and a growing price from year to year.

You will be able to purchase both secondary real estate and in new buildings. There are options for budget housing and luxury real estate with a high level of comfort. The cost of facilities in mountainous areas is cheaper than in proximity to the sea or in central urban areas. In addition, you get not only high-quality and durable housing, but also year-round enjoyment of beautiful views of the Cypriot mountains and all the delights of country life, so buying such a property is a very profitable investment.

Buy inexpensive housing in the mountains of Cyprus

The catalog on our website presents a wide variety of housing options in the mountains: modern and comfortable apartments in residential complexes, luxury villas, old mansions. We also have a good selection of inexpensive real estate. Send us an application with a description of the property you are looking for, or an object number from our catalog, and we will select the most suitable options for you.


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